• The Awakened, Anerosed Prostate and the Kegel Exercises

    Hi guys,
    This past Monday, December 3, I began my sixth month of my Aneros sessions. It has been an amazing journey. Not only have I progressed from the Aneros Syn, through the Maximus and Progasm Ice, and arrived at using the Progasm Classic, but in recent weeks, these hot guys have introduced me as well to the Eupho, MGX, and Aneros Classic models as well. They are a great team to work with and I just love how these hot guys complement each other in my Aneros sessions of late. On my first team are the Helix Syn, Helix Classic, Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic models. I hope to get to know better the MGX and Eupho models later on.
    Perhaps the most powerful spin off of my Anerosing is how early on my prostate awakened. The arrival of P-waves in just three weeks of the inception of my Aneros sessions. It happened on early Sunday morning June 24. My session ended about 6:30 a.m. that morning. After a nap of three hours, I got up and went to a sandwich shop in my neighborhood for a mid-morning breakfast. On my way back home during my quick walk, I experienced an orgasm out of the blue, my first walkinggasm. One morning a couple weeks later in early July while seated at my PC, I experienced my first chairgasm. My walkinggasms became more intense when I started working with the Maximus in August.
    The Aneros web site gives succinct, helpful directions for doing the Kegel Exercises with the Aneros. But it seems that both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic models were developed for and work best with the Kegel Exercises. There is a feeling of intense pleasure when you do a Kegel or anal contraction as the Progasm's P and K tabs press firmly upon your perineum and coccyx )tail bone( respectively. As I hold a Kegel tightly for sixty minutes or more, the pleasure builds gradually. A good seven of such Kegels position those tabs in such a way that the Progasm is locked into place. When that happens, autof**king or automatic massage action of the anal canal and the prostate happens naturally. The result is exquisite pleasure.
    My regime of Anerosing and the Kegels have produced an awakened prostate. My prostate feels like a revved up V8 engine outside of my sessions. It quivers, flutters and purrs with delight and pleasure. So far, I haven't experienced a Super-O, but rather rejuvenating, vigorous health, which I haven't enjoyed in years.
    In closing, I would like to add several other benefits of the Aneros and the Kegels upon my awakened prostate. First, while my Aneros sessions in themselves are chockful of pleasure, immediately after a session I feel that my both my anal muscles and prostate have been well massaged, I guess, well-fucked! But, there is a delay that occurs a little afterwards, sometimes hours later, of my quivering, fluttering, and purring prostate which emits waves of sexual warmth through my body. Second, each succeeding Aneros session reinforces these feelings of pleasure, first centered in and around my prostate and then also my whole body. Such vibrant feelings engender in me vibrant health. Third, my awakened prostate helps me do the Kegels outside of my sessions. There is nothing like doing the Kegels off and on as foreplay for Anerosing. And there is nothing like Kegeling as part of an Aneros afterglow or postplay. It appears that my Kegels prepare me for my Aneros buddies, and my team thereby enables me to savor what the Kegels are all about. It appears that the Kegels and the Aneros were made for each other. I get a boner just thinking about all this. And finally, fourth, my awakened prostate has a vital connection with my testicles, penis, nay even my entire sexual apparatus. So when I masturbate, my awakened prostate eggs on my penis which gets harder and larger as I jack my manmeat. The result is sheer pleasure which I experience from this connection as I masturbate towards orgasm and ejaculation, something I haven't experienced in many years, perhaps even from the glory years of my adolescence. Take care!

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