• That Delicious Tightness in my Perineum

    Hi guys,
    In the last couple months or so, I have experienced a delicious tightness in my perineum as a result of the Kegel Exercises and my Anerosing, especially with the Progasm and Maximus models. Just now this evening I discovered once again that the Kegel Exercises in men are designed to strengthen both their pubococcygeal or PC muscles and the cremaster muscles. These two sets of muscles have a direct link to a man's scrotum and his anal sphincter muscles. But what is more beautiful and profound is that the Kegels have a close connection with the Aneros model, especially the Progasm.
    I began noticing that when I began using both the Maximus and Progasm late last summer that these two models toned and firmed up all these sets of muscles. Hence the Kegel Exercises began to have a facility that I never experienced ever before. Not only do the Kegels work well with my Aneros models, especially with both the Progasm and Maximus models, but I come away from my sessions with the realization that my Kegels seem so natural, so easy to do!
    But now in recent weeks there is that delicious tightness in my perineum which produces exquisite sweetness when I Kegel both within and outside my Aneros sessions. This sweetness is so sexual and pervades my entire genitals, a sweetness that approaches orgasm and ejaculation! What is even more wonderful now, such as tonight when I am composing this blog entry, mere stimulation of my nipples and hairy chest activates this sexual sweetness "down there!"

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