• That Aneros sweet spot: Sessions for October 20 & 22, 2012

    Hi guys,
    I think I have found my "sweet spot" which I believe my Aneros big buddies have begun to locate in recent weeks. But before I go into detail about my "sweet spot," I shall proceed at once to a description of my Aneros sessions which I had last Saturday afternoon and my session yesterday morning on Monday.
    I find that some foreplay is a wonderful prelude for an Aneros session. Normally I like to do the Kegel Exercises some and stimulate my nipples. Those activities most often arouse me sexually for the Aneros. But Saturday morning, I wore my Nutty Buddy Cup combo underneath my camo cargo shorts as I went to the barbershop for a buzz cut and a beard trim. Then I went had breakfast at my favorite coffeehouse and did some grocery shopping before returning home around 11 a.m. I just loved how my Nutty Buddy Cup caressed my testicles and penis, and even stimulated my awakened prostate during my long walk and I had breakfast at the coffeehouse and leisurely Kegeled away. πŸ˜€
    I was so turned on that I had my session at 3 p.m. I began with the Progasm Classic, but peristalsis set in very quickly. Then I switched to the Maximus which gave me a much better massage for a half an hour. Then I proceeded to the Progasm Ice which worked well for another thirty minutes.
    For the rest of my Saturday session, I decided to glow slowly and leisurely with my Aneros good buddies. I proceeded in this order: (1) Maximus, (2) Progasm Classic, and (3) Progasm Ice. When I did that, my session took over with both the Maximus and Progasm Ice. Both models are ideal for the Kegel Exercises which fuel the swarms of P-waves and the massaging of both my entire prostate and anal canal. I find I have a great deal of more difficulty with the Progasm Classic, but the more I work with this big bruiser, the more I believe I am making progress with this big f**ker. πŸ˜€ Total duration of Saturday's session: 2 hours, 15 minutes.
    However, shortly after I concluded Saturday's session, I experienced sharp, prickly feelings on the soles of my feet, my calves, my knuckles, and especially my back. These uncomfortable feelings forced me to lay down on my futon. I fell into a deep sleep which lasted several hours. When I came to, it was around 10:30 p.m. I hopped back onto the Internet until midnight, when I had to go back to bed because I had to go to church in the morning. But before I retired for sure for the night, the prickly feelings were not as severe. There was an definite afterglow in my genitals, especially my penis. πŸ™‚
    Henceforth in this blog for simplicity sake, I will use the following abbreviations when referring to my Aneros buddies in this legend: Maximus (M), Progasm Classic (PC), Progasm Ice (PI or I), Helix Syn (HS), etc.
    Yesterday morning morning I had a two hour session with my buddies in this order of succession: M-PC-PI-M-PI. All my three big guys inserted with ease to the hilt and fortunately no peristalsis set in, especially with my Progasm Classic. I am becoming more and more adept in using the Kegels with my three main men. Both the Maximus and Progasm Ice now are so easy to work with. They flood my body with exquisite pleasure. But working with my big bruiser, Progasm Classic, I have decided to take a different tack. With the Progasm Classic, I work intuitively trying to focus upon any sensation(s) he may produce. However, I believe that as I continue my Kegels outside my Aneros sessions that my sessions with my Progasm Classic will improve over time. Also yesterday, and this is noteworthy, my session was so intense, that I felt blah for the remainder of the day. I had to allow my body some downtime and just not thinking about my Anerosing.
    Now today is different. When I awoke this morning, I felt physically fit as I went to my kitchen to drink a glass of water. I found that the Aneros both exercises and massages my prostate and anal canal and sphincters, but it also tones them. Not only that, but Aneros has even toned strengthened my thighs and calves of my legs. But this morning, I noticed that my biceps, pecs, and abs are much firmer. I find all this gratifying.
    Now I want to discuss in detail my Aneros sweet spot. From my early adolescence when I discovered the thrills of masturbation, I discovered that my sweet spot is located in my frenular delta (I'm circumcised) just underneath my glans. Also the various other parts of my glans, such as its rim or flange, are also sensitive and produce pleasure. Other guys have located their sweet spot at the base of their penis. When I slipped on my very first jockstrap for 7th grade PE, it was a sexual awakening for me. πŸ™‚
    In my four months Aneros sessions, not only has my prostate has become awakened like a revved up V8 engine, but my sweet spot is my perineum from my anus to my scrotum. When I Kegel away, it is absolutely wonderful to experience the various nuances of absolute pleasure there! Someday soon, out of the blue, I will experience my first mini-O's or my very first Super-O! Take care.

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