• Thanks Drummel what a combination!

    I asked for suggested combinations for rides and Drummel you found a ride that is most memorable, thanks. Drummel suggested the following order with the addition of my fetish penis plug. MGX, Progasm, Eupro, my plug, then Muse.
    I started this truly memorable ride cleaning out and using EVOO as lubrication, I wanted an extra fluid movement with the first two. MGX upon the stimulation of my nipples began to vibrate within my anal canal as my nipples grew. The vibrations were weak but, they were there so, I slowed my breathing to concentrate and he noticed. The vibrations began to cycle and MGX moved from side to side within me touching me kissing my prostate, loving the attention it was being given. We danced together under my sheets like it was our first dance a dance with a hint we would become even more intimate soon. I pulled him close to my loins. He shuttered in response and we continued our dance. After at least an hour together we parted.
    I introduced Progasm to my anus and as his custom he took charge, my cock noticed that coveted fullness and paid attention. Not just any attention a butt fucking hard getting harder hard. My cock danced with Progasm and my prostate now. On my back now I’m moving up and down while grinding into the mattress. Progasm insists on pleasure and his way. He starts into a series of Dry O’s each building upon the other, each coming faster compared to the last. Even as I try to slow them with edging they keep coming, at least five have reduced my mind to mush now. I begin to giggle, it’s a good thing I live alone. I roll on my side again to regain control and he tricks me by his auto fuck motions he wants me I let him have me for no more than five glorious minutes the next lover awaits. I do a quick cleanse and re-lube with a water-based substance.
    Eupho Syn is gentler as always, he likes to tickle my prostate and slip and slide inside. He is quickly becoming my go-to man to be included in combination sessions along with his predecessor. We settle down and build a relationship of touching, grinding, moving, staying quiet, and the P-waves start now. They cascade through me over and over. I’m literally quivering. After about 30 minutes he slows and lulls me to sleep. I sleep over an hours and Eupho Syn vibrates my p-spot signaling it’s time to move forward with this session.
    Now to add my penis plug as suggested by Drummel. You need to be relaxed to do this and I am. The process goes more smoothly than normal. I find Muse roll on my side and hold him in place. I turn him on a pulse setting. The pulse permeates the walls of my anus traveling down its structure flowing to my already excited prostate )it feels as if it jumps inside me(. My prostate transfers the pulses to my uretha up my still erect cock that is being stimulated by the plug. You have to picture this pulsing from my back side clear through my interior out the tip of my slit. Even the plug is vibrating. The pulses set off a chain reaction. Seminal fluid begins to build and signal the cowpers gland to get ready to launch. I do what I can to prolong this but can’t it’s too late. So my towel receives this seed. Then that same fog I experienced yesterday forms in my mind. The pleasure mixes with laughter this time. Belly laughs mixed with pure sweet, calming, exhilarating, exhausting pleasure permeate my entire body and mind. I come back to earth resting in a now sweaty bed with the biggest smile on my face. Drummel your suggestion will be logged in my file as a definite repeat. The electrifying sensation of the muse’s pulse through my fetish toy really added to the mix. The time I have off leave plenty of time for more suggested combinations. I’ll keep trying more on this journey. Time to go back to bed an sleep like a baby just fed.

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      12/27/2014at11:12 pm

      Sounds like you had a pretty damn good time! Glad you enjoyed the combination! Fantastic experience – indeed!

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