• Thank You Rumel

    So I'm in the chat and Rumel tells everyone he just create a Male voice aneros mp3. It is designed for gay men but other men can listen as well. So enjoy this blog as I try to type clearly explaining this session.
    There is a hot male already in session and his soft moans are making me moan as well. I have already been riding all night and now this early morning. His subtleness is turn me so on. I can already feel a orgasm building. My feet are tingling and I feel it rising up my body. BOOM he cums, BOOM I cum and the shaking and moaning begins. Thats one. As it scales back down the guy is still feeling the sensation. My prostate is a little competitive so He starts back up as well.
    My hands won't keep still. Im starting to sweat and my dick is rock hard in my briefs. I don't want to get naked I want to just enjoy this feeling. I begin t rub my nipples through my shirt. Even though its not direct contact my nipples are still feeling sensations. OMG here it comes again. WOW longer, harder, then the first guy fades entering the new guy with just as much passion and lust.
    His moans are louder, deeper, full of more lust for his own body unlike the first guy. His moans kind of sound like mine. How he just embraces his orgasms and savors them like precious jewels. I feel it, I feel it. We both erupt at the same time. God Rumel this is hot. My body is not resting at all. I'm having a MMO marathon right about now. I'm in the race, he's going, he's going, he's cummming ohhhhh mmmmmmmmm YEEEEESSSSSSSS. That was really a intense one. He said it was 8 guys but this second one had almost took me out.
    The third guy was very soft easing into to his orgasms. Really feeling the waves as they crash inside his body. After number 2 my prostate is now fully resting. Guy number three really did not do anything for me but give me time to rest. Guy #4 he was hot. I love a man that can let go. I'm starting up again. My underwear are now soaked. Im here with parents with the door open so I can get naked so soaked is what I have to be but this feeling is becoming so great. I still rock hard feeling these waves.
    5,6,7 & 8 were also amazing to me. I like the way they cascaded each other. Not giving my body enough time to really relax which I love. When I get a orgasm I like to keep it, lock it up for safe keep for only just my eyes. So when the men were changing and the sensations were getting stronger for each one it made my body feel it as well. I keep hearing about this door bell analogy. But I have to agree. But for me it's not like some body is just pressing it. When I listen to this mp3 it felt like my prostate was teasing me. Which he likes to do at times. But it felt like my Helix was tapping my prostate. Like a little kid who just rings the door bell even when the door has already been open. Thats what it felt like. Even when I was orgasming it was still being tapped over and over and over again. It was amazing. Rumel you have a hit on your hands. I can't wait til you come out with more.

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