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    I ended up having to postpone my inner exploration until late Sat. night, but I was still looking forward to it because after the afternoon mowing episode I was still very aroused, and anxious to try something new. One of the things I had read that was important, was relaxation, so I took a nice hot shower to loosen up my tired muscles. Figured maybe I wouldn't need too many things to get started, so I grabbed a couple of bath towels for coverage and a wet wipe for whatever. I'd remembered the tips for establishing a reservoir of lube, and all I could come up with on short notice was a cheap plastic medicine-dropper type with a bulb on the end. Not ideal, but I was going to give it a go with some diluted Astroglide gel I had around. I also had some of the regular gel left to lube the peridise and my anus. Thankfully, the dropper worked well enough and I got between 1ml and 2ml inside.
    It was time to finally see what all the fuss was about. As I understood it, as a new user I was supposed to start with the 22cm size, but the seam issues I had with that one ruled it out. So I chose the 20 cm instead, hoping maybe it wouldn't make too much of a difference. Got it inside with no trouble at all standing in the bathroom with a foot up on the tub edge. When the second ridge got past my sphincter, I accidentally clenched a little and the thing was almost sucked out of my grip I had on the small handle. The bulb end felt like a big marble was sliding around inside of me. I know it couldn't have travelled far, but I could feel every tiny movement as it was drawn further in until the last ridge was almost tight with the outside of my anus. These new sensations caused my penis to swell and stiffen rapidly and I could feel the blood pulsing in the anus walls surrounding the peridise. It was really hard to restrain myself from jacking it right then, but I knew it would be counter-productive to the rewiring process if I did. I was very surprised that it wasn't more uncomfortable since my butt wasn't used to this kind of thing, but after a few moments it was hardly noticeable, except for a slight sense of where the big end was at. As I walked around a bit getting the house locked up, and my bedroom prepared with the essentials, the peridise was fairly comfortable and had an unobtrusive presence.
    Finally I got everything ready and climbed onto the bed to lay on my side as a starting position, as recommended by many forum posters. Started to try to relax my mind as well as body with some breathing exercises, but tried to keep a small bit of general focus on what I was sensing from the peridise too. Having it inside me made my penis feel more swollen than it actually was, and I was already leaking a little. After only what seemed like a few minutes, I started to feel the toy seem to start moving a bit on its own, sort of sliding in and out in relation to my breathing. Really excited, I tentatively tried to incorporate a slight rectal contraction with on inhale, and a gentle push on exhale. Now I could definitely feel it moving slowly back and forth. Then I remembered to try the lower belly breathing I had read about, and more new sensations became apparent. Now I could feel the head of the peridise rubbing other places when I inhaled. After just a few minutes enjoying the feelings, on one of those real slow and deep inhalations I felt the head slowly slide across my prostate, making my semi go stiff again when I felt that electric tingle in my groin. I held that inhalation and was breathing shallow on top of it to prolong the tingle if I could. Also felt like there was some part of my anatomy that was trying to grab the tip of the toy inside, but I wasn't sure how to help it along yet. My prostate was responding like it was super happy to have a guest after living like a hermit for so long. So far my breathing was fairly controlled, was trying to stay relaxed, but it was getting harder to do when I could feel the precum in my dick every time the glands pushed some through. I was still only doing the light push-pull with the deep belly breathing, so I thought I would introduce the pc contraction and see how it added to the fun. The first time I gave it a little squeeze I felt it push my prostate against the peridise head causing a shock-like reaction in those muscles. By giving just tiny squeezes, I could feel my prostate just being bumped with that little tingly shock. At this point, I was starting to breathe a lot heavier and it was becoming impossible to stay relaxed. Like I suspect most new users do, I was starting to feel myself "chasing the buzz" instead of just relaxing and going with the flow. I was quickly discovering how subtle movements of the different muscle groups were causing the position changes of the toy inside me. Found out my pc's seem to put my prostate in a position to be massaged, and the sphincter and rectal muscles control angle and depth of the toy. When I started to try to hold my pc's so that the toy would stay in more contact with the buzzy spot, I started having some scrotum spasming, making it feel like there was something alive in my taint. Which, in turn, caused me to start clenching other muscles, like my rectals. It was at this point, I think I was holding maybe a medium-light rectum clench, and trying to lightly alternate with the pc's, that I could feel the involuntaries start manifesting themselves. Didn't seem to matter much at that point what I done with my rectals, as long as I could hold the pc contraction that was holding my prostate in a good position, the involuntaries were hammering away quite nicely.
    I'd like to say I went on discovering more in this session, but I'd be lying. I didn't want anything more than a sweet release after the day I'd had and the pressure I had just built up. My willpower finally gave out and I had to turn over to my back to relieve myself. Took a few moments to get things back up to speed after the position change, but when they did, it was great. Found by laying on my back with my knees up and cocking my hips forward a bit while pressing my butt down caused even more pressure to be felt. I'd never masturbated with anal stimulation before, so I wasn't really ready for how hard the peridise was starting to feel and the way it felt like it was swelling too. I tried to ride the waves to orgasm as slowly as I could, but near the end I lost all control and just surrendered to it all. At the moment of orgasm, my ass grabbed the peridise like it never wanted to let go, and a long thick rope of cum went straight up toward the ceiling further than even the lesser shots of my younger days, followed by maybe 6 or 7 strong smaller spurts. I was spent, mentally and physically, but blissfully content.
    Drowsiness was quickly replacing the fires I had been feeling all day, and while doing a hurried clean-up, and taking stock of my experience, I was amazed at the efficient, simple design of the peridise line. It was almost hard to believe something unpowered and so simple could be so effective for me so fast. My last thought I remember before sleep overtook me was wonderment over where these new additions to my life were going to lead.
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