• Tempo, MGX, Black Ice -> Sweet Aless, Monday January 8

    Hi guys,
    Tonight I tried to replicate last session which was help early Saturday evening, January 6, still so early in the New Year.
    What impressed me so much about Temp with its heavy stainless steel heft is that one work with it fairly aggressively using the Kegels and relaxed, rhythmic breathing. Tonight I used Tempo primarily to set the stage for using MGX and Progasm Black ICE. What I observed tonight mostly are the massive Tug-of-War technique with both MGX and then Progasm Black ICE. Tonight I just relaxed and let the three models do most the work. I have a massive Tempo Aless coming on. I plan to engage with Tempo Aless tonight in bed.
    Take care!


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      01/10/2018at1:53 pm

      Enjoyed your comments on the Tempo! Definitely has a good feel to it. Kegels definitely kick start it into motion. Gets the whole anal canal moving and giving lots of pleasure. What is your favorite position when using the Tempo?

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      01/10/2018at2:18 pm

      @fred27, I used Tempo in many of my sessions until three years ago, then I laid it aside. Until very recently, I discovered that I could use Tempo comfortably sitting, even while wearing briefs. You can use Tempo and Peridise that way. Unless you modify the other older Aneros models by removing the handle (but not the P-tab), you cannot sit on them comfortably. But very recently, I discovered that I use Tempo more effectively by laying on my back with my butt on a couple of cushions, legs somewhat spread. Yes, most definitely Tempo has an amazing feel to it due to its heavy heft and sleek feel of stainless steel.

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