• Tempo and Progasm Classic, the Cadillacs of the Aneros line!

    Hi guys,
    This morning I had perhaps one of the hottest Aneros sessions ever!!! As you know, just after Christmas, I began having sessions six days a week, Monday through Saturday. I observe a day of rest from Anerosing on Sunday when I go to church. I think it is good to have a one day breather.
    This morning I did a first ever in adopting a new Aneros position. A good buddy on Aneros Forum told me several days ago that is quite possible to sit with the Tempo inserted. That I did for a good two hours this morning while sitting at my PC. It was absolutely amazing to feel the subtle motions of Tempo massaging delicately my anal canal. When I withdrew Tempo after the two hours, I noticed thick mucous on the tool, secretions from anal salve.
    Then I took a short breather, perhaps thirty minutes.
    After my break, I returned to my session with Progasm Classic in hand. I believe I spent a good 1.5 hours with my big bruiser buddy! What amazed me was that he massage my prostate so easily in big man fashion with all sorts of rhythm. It was like I was getting f**ked by some awesome guy.
    Both Tempo and Progasm Classic, I believe, are Cadillacs of the Aneros line. Both give me such a great, rugged ride.
    My prostate is quivering even now with excitement as it emits sexual energy throughout my body. Pretty soon I will go to bed and tap into this energy as I drift off to sleep.
    Take care!

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