• Tempo and Masturbation

    As a young boy discovering the pleasure of ejaculation I tugged at my cock incessantly. It felt so good for that fraction of a second and it expanded my mental erotic state to such a degree that it was almost impossible not to do it; so I did. The repeated sessions were my attempt to experience a sustained state of pleasure. I know now that I was pursuing an unachievable goal with the tools I had. It has only been in the last ten years of my life that I finally have reached my goal of experiencing extended orgasm. It came as a result of rewiring.
    With rewiring and mmo capability came not only sustained orgasm without ejaculation but also greater precum flow and much thicker and copious volume of semen in ejaculations. My cum volume increased significantly and it became creamier with an ivory color to it. I became totally fascinated watching my cum eruptions.
    Beyond the physical enhancement came deep psychological changes including a greater appreciation of sexual pleasure, sensuality, and erotic beauty of men and women. However as my sexuality deepened I preferred to have J masturbate me rather than doing it myself. Having her induce my ejaculations and having her watch me hurl ropes of cum in fascination became a huge turn on for me and made me cum harder. Not only did my ejaculations change but I became more patient in achieving them. I no longer saw ejaculation as a goal it became a side effect. I came to embrace sexual desire not as a source of frustration but as a state of heightened sensual awareness; a state of mind to be savored and appreciated. I learned to view the sensual world around me through the erotic lens of intense arousal.
    At the same time my sexual response changed. As a result of rewiring and MMO practice my ejaculatory control changed. From years of masturbation I had developed hair trigger orgasms. Those quick ejaculations ended as my capacity to guide my MMO advanced. My erections have been just as hard as they always have been but my tendency to need to cum was reduced. Orgasmic sensitivity of my cockhead changed; it became less responsive to friction as a trigger for orgasm and more sensitive to pressure as a gateway to MMO and anal orgasm.
    As a result of all of these shifts in ejaculatory response, solo masturbating to ejaculation moved lower on my list of preferred sexual activities Typically if I wanted to cum by masturbation I usually will ask J to do it to me. I particularly like her to suck my nipples or do anal massage or prostate massage or stroke my balls as she tugs me. Just the thought of her having her hand around my shaft, massaging my cockhead and sucking my nipples is enough to accelerate my arousal and bring me to climax. That fraction of a second before I cum I see her face looking into my eyes. I see her fascinated expression as she watches me experience the sweet anguish of an imminent ejaculation. Her expression is so arousing to me it makes the cum spew from my cock slit in a thick white stream. Doing myself doesn’t yield the same sensations or impact. The only time solo masturbation works is when we do partnered masturbation, sitting across from each other watching each other do ourselves. Seeing her loose control in ecsaatsy is a huge turn on for me that enhances my ejaculation many fold.
    This last Wednesday J woke up early to leave for an all day event. I threw on a pair of jeans and a t shirt to come downstairs and have a coffee and breakfast with her before she left. After breakfast I decided I would go upstairs and shower.
    So when she backed the car out of the driveway and drove down the street, I put the dishes in the sink and watched her go down the street through the kitchen window. When she was out of sight I wiped the table off and went upstairs to take my shower. The house was quiet. As I removed my clothes, the act of getting ready for a shower suddenly became an erotic exercise; my exhibitionist tendency made me pose for myself in the full length mirror in our room. Standing there naked my cock began to erect itself which only added to the eroticism of the moment.
    Waves of lascivious sensuality began to tug on my cock and tease my anus as I admired my body and my rigid penis. My anus began to flutter in a series of sudden A Less contractions. In response my cock lurched and my anus spasmed gently as my anus contracted and opened. I love being naked, and I like to see myself naked as well as show myself to J and others naked. The serene libidinousness that was flickering in my anus as I stood nude and alone caressed my cock and teased precum to drool from it. Standing in profile and gazing at my rigid prong with narcissus like fascination; my arousal was glowing white hot like a bellows fed forge.
    Under normal circumstances I would’ve used the time alone to do an Aneros session. Somehow however I felt a need for ejaculation and more specifically to put on a show for myself. So I walked back to the bed and leaned the full length mirror from the wall on the other side of our room against the wall next to the bed. It gave me a full view of the bed and me. This is the same mirror that I often watch my pelvis thrusting as I am humping J’s pussy. I will stand between her thighs and glance back watching my ass clenching and flexing as my cock sinks deep into her soft furrow. One of my favorite fucking positions is when I hold her legs up and apart with me standing between them allowing me to glance to my side to gaze at myself in the mirror performing in my own x rated video. Returning my gaze to her pussy mouth I can see it is stretched open as it is forced to swallow my cock. I spear her repeatedly staring into her eyes to see the agonizing ecstasy that is rising in her, each stabbing lunge causing a mewling whine to escape her clenched teeth.
    This time however as I lay on the bed with my legs apart facing the mirror with a pillow under my head to facilitate a better view of the evolving show between my legs, I felt the exhibitionist in me rising even though there was no one to watch me. I spread my legs so I could see the full length of my cock and the view of my balls underneath. With my already hard cock pointed up at the ceiling like a curved missile ready to launch I reached over to the nightstand, opened the drawer and squeezed a gob of lube into my palm. I applied the clear slippery gel to my shaft paying particular attention to my cockhead. The feeling of the cold gel on my hot crown made me shiver.
    I then took my tempo and lubed it and inserted it in my anus. I love the sensation of ice cold penetration as I feel the tempo slide into me. The chill of insertion makes my anus clench and my cock lurch as a chill descends over me.
    The chill was quickly replaced by the erotic warmth of my hand wrapping around my rigid cock shaft; I began stroking the slippery smooth flesh. As I milked the rigid pole between my thighs I knew I was in no rush to cum. I watched mesmerized by my own arousal and the sensual view of my cock and the Tempo in my anus.
    I got up and moved a straight back chair closer to the bed and leaned the mirror against it at the edge of the bed between my legs. The location of the mirror a couple of feet from the bed gave me an even better close up view of my cock straining under the pleasant torture of manual stimulation and my anus sucking on the Tempo. The lube coated taut skin of my cock shaft and corona gleamed with pink erotic tension; clear precum was drooling down my shaft as my arousal climbed higher and higher.
    I looked in rapt fascination at the sculptural delicacy of the underside of my cock head. I teased my sulcal cleft with my slippery fingertip and marveled at the angular firmness of the skin under my cockhead. My finger traced the sensitive fold of turgid skin that defined the rim of my corona. I then tickled the wrinkled ring of flesh where my foreskin once attached. My finger then danced in the hollow of the cleft teasing my cock head and taunting it to swell some more and get harder forcing a new drool of precum to flow from my cockslit.
    In the absence of urgency to cum I gave myself over to the lilting feelings that were now starting to invade my pelvis and make the Tempo slide in and out of my anus. My anus began to twitch and my rectum just behind it were clenching and releasing the Tempo as MMO orgasms began to flow into my anus. At the same time waves of pleasure were wrapping around my cock. The ecstatic sensation of anal spasms flexing my anal canal reminded me that my cock wasn’t the only game in town capable of creating sublime sensation.
    As I massaged my cockhead the fingers of anal orgasm pried my anus open and deftly began to stroke my prostate in time to the stroking of my cock. Like a timid cat, the smooth skin in my anal canal recoiled in fascination from the tender sensations of pleasure that were licking at it. Warm resonating ripples of orgasmic tension were emanating from my anus and rolling into my canal wash over my prostate making it tremble with aroused delight.
    For 30 minutes I got lost on the fascinating landscape of my erect cock with my finger tips, feeling the elegantly sensual form of it alternating the taunting massage of my shaft with teasing fondling of my balls. I was relishing the incendiary impact the massage of my cock was having on my anus. The sensual erotic hardness of my cock in my grasp as I pumped and milked the shaft made it rigid with lust and caused waves of pleasure to echo in my yawning anus. Those echoes of forced my puckered hole to spasm in convulsions of desperate sexual tension. The spasms of my anus reached an anguished crescendo as my prostate reached the precipice of orgasm. I reached my left hand up to my nipple and spread the residual lube on my erected teat; it was more than I could bear. I had reached the orgasmic tipping point.
    At that tipping point the flexing of my anus stopped for a few moments in response to the excruciating euphoria that paralyzed it. In that sublime interregnum I felt my prostate swell and quiver. Just as a baseball pitcher winds up to hurl a blistering fastball, my prostate reared itself, wound itself up pumped hard and went rigid. Then as I tumbled over the orgasmic abyss my prostate convulsed hard, pumping a stream of cum from deep inside me with torrential force.
    As the thick load of semen was regurgitated from the core of my sexuality, the resulting sensations of euphoric pleasure gripped my body held me stone still and screamed silently in my ears that the intense orgasmic relief of ejaculation was imminent. Then as I quivered and waited it arrived. Every ounce of awareness I had was focused on the exquisite agony that detonated deep in my anus, and cock root and began to move inexorably down my cock towards my cock slit. As the first hard pumping convulsion of my prostate pulsed, my anus resumed its own blissful spasms. I lay there immobile on the bed, stilled by the sweet relief of the euphoric orgasmic travail inside of me; the sensation of unmitigated ecstasy in my anal tract chimed in as the hot pleasure of soon to be expulsed cum welled up at the base of my cock.
    As the pumping pleasure of my prostate forced the load of cum down the core of my cock in extremely pleasurable rhythmic pulses, I arched my back involuntarily to hasten the eruption of the steamy cocktail from my slit. I felt my anal canal contracting on the Tempo that was deep inside me. The sensation of penetration during ejaculation is almost indescribable.
    With my face twisted in a grimace of anguished ecstasy I watched in mesmerized anticipation as ejaculation milked my cock and forced a thick hot rope of cum to be hurled upwards in the air in a trajectory that surprised even me. As I watched a pulse of orgasmic pleasure was sucked into my asshole. That jet of hot cream was followed by another and another, each one reverberating with an echo of bliss in my anal tract. The orgasmic pulses squeezed my prostate until it shuddered with the last spasm of pleasure.
    This was the first time I did a solo tug session in a long time. Even though the sensation of pleasure did not approach the mind numbing rapture that comes with MMO, it was extremely hot to watch the expulsion of my cum by my own hand. There is something viscerally erotic about seeing my cock spew cum.
    Beyond the visual pleasure that I derived from the ejaculation, the emptying of my load set me up for a deeply pleasurable MMO session the next morning; but that will be a topic for another entry.

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