• Tempo Aless, January 6, 2018!

    Hi guys,
    Early this afternoon, a guy on Aneros Forum about the effectiveness of Tempo in comparison with other Aneros models. I was happy to oblige with an answer because Tempo, when I started using it just after Thanksgiving 2013, caused my Aneros to go into a much higher orbit.
    So this afternoon, I used Tempo for the first time in two years. Tempo inserts easily and you can use it comfortable sitting as it works away.
    This afternoon I used Tempo with a few concerted Kegels for about 45 minutes. Hence Tempo felt real good. Then I continued with MGX and Progasm Black ICE, a model which sat used in my collection for two years. MGX didn’t massage me as easily as it usually does, I guess mainly because of Tempo. That didn’t bother me. I went on to Progasm Black ICE. Wow! Progasm Black ICE worked on me big time! The session felt real good when I ended it after 1.5 hours.
    Right now I am basking in powerful, sweet Aless produced mostly by Tempo. The hallmark of Tempo is its stainless steel heft. Tempo consists of a bulbous head with two knobs, both inner and outer. I believe that Tempo was made mostly to exercise and tone the anal musculature, and not necessary to massage the prostate as the other Aneros devices. Tempo has the feel of gym dumbbells which are used for weight training. So Tempo is used mostly for strengthening and toning the anal musculature, at least that has been my experience.
    Right now Tempo Aless has given me also a sweet and plump erection! I plan to luxuriate in my Tempo Aless when I go to bed in a few hours. I heartily recommend Tempo as a valuable addition to your Aneros collection.
    Take care!

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