• Teeth + Orgasm = Bright Smile

    OK so it's been a minute and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Hope everyone had safe rides and got over that orgasmic hump that you have been trying to concur.
    I'm here smiling bright and amazed at my self again. So a couple of days ago I read a post about someone (i can't remember his name and I'm sorry for that) said he was at the dentist and he felt waves and ended up having a dry orgasm right there in the chair. I was so shocked at that but you can't put anything pass a rewired man and his prostate. So with days passing and me being here with family I haven't been riding as usual. Family dropping in and out and me just being tired and me catching a cold from my nephew (i can't ride when I'm sick) but I have been having short A-Less sessions in the chat with my bro's.
    Fast forward to just a couple of minutes ago. I just got done eating a beautiful dinner prepared by mom but had a few meat pieces stuck in my teeth. So I went to my bathroom and picked up my electric tooth brush. I do the bottom teeth first then the top and rinse. I start with my bottom teeth on the right side and as soon as the vibrating bristle's hit my teeth a wave of orgasmic energy ran up my leg, hit my prostate and boom right into my mouth. I had to grab the sink counter cause of the huge bolt.
    My belly was tingling and moans began to escape my mouth. It really caught me of guard cause I didn't think that it would happen to me and for it to be that strong. But then i move to the left side and nothing. No waves no shaking nada. So I spit and then reapply tooth paste to do the upper teeth.
    I start with my right side again and hit the upper teeth and nothing. i slide over to the other side and BOOM. instant waves again. But strong then on my bottom teeth. I must have nerves in my mouth that is wired to my prostate to make me dry orgasm. I love it. Since i knew what was happening i stayed on that side a little longer then needed but it was so much fun and the pre cum in my underwear said it was my new favorite hot spot.
    But now that the sensations are gone I wonder is it because I'm rewired or because I now have the vice which also vibrates and my body is just use to that feeling. So anything can start kick me up with a buzz. Who knows but I know I will enjoy brushing my teeth a lot more now.

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