• td1973

    So I don't know where to begin so I'll start with last Thursday, 1/24/13. I went to a my local shop and looked around in the butt plug aisle…looking like I needed help because I paced that aisle twice. I was looking for the Aneros line up but it wasn't there.
    A woman who worked there asked me if I needed help as he could tell I was looking for something but not seeing it. I asked her where are the prostate massagers? She lead me to the next aisle and there was the MGX and the Promax. I have to say the sheer size of the Promax gave me immediate pause. I opted for the MGX. But I left wondering about the Promax.
    I got home and immediately lubed up with Uberlube and inserted the MGX easily. I was on my side as the little guide suggested. But I have played with anal by myself so I new laying in one position was not going to work. So I started wiggling around a bit. The MGX responded well but the P-tab was too firm. I didn't notice it till Sunday that my P-tab was getting sore. I had been grinding on the for a while.
    I didn't experience a super O the first few times but the ejaculate was amazing. I was going for total horse loads and I got'um. Then I hit a new level. I started convulsing and making the most gutteral sounds. And I couldn't control it nor wanted to. IO bucked all over my bed and gasping for air. I know to breathe but this literally took my breath away. I don't think this experience is a superO but it lasted for over two hours and was the most powerful sexual orgasm I have experienced. I barely touched my penis. I didn't feel the need to ejaculate at all.
    By then, my curiosity in this product was fully piqued.
    I checked out the Aneros website and immediately checked out the VICE when I saw it. Remember, I walked out of that store thinking about the Promax.
    After reading the ad and doing a little reading of BMayfield's review of the Vice, I decided that this would be the one for me. So I ordered the Vice immediately. I continued to enjoy the MTX the rest of the weekend.
    Yesterday, 1/28/13, I got the Vice in the mail. I live in Alaska so everything comes second day air-always go through the Post Office if I can.
    I opened the package and was immediately was disarmed. From the pictures the vibe looked like a huge beast to me. But holding it in my hand and lubing it up…I had a feeling I was gong to be okay.
    I have to admit the first two times I tried to insert the Vice I was too tense. I remembered to push on my sphincter and the head of the Vice slipped in. I caught my breath and pushed against the Vice to get the mid in. I was worried that my sphincter wouldn't hold the base in. Then it locked into place…and all I can say is that BMayfield hit the nail on the head…the Vice feels "delicious".
    I started without the Muse to get the feeling of this incredible device. The comfort was beyond comparison to the MGX. I immediately started to wiggle and thrust. I bought the Vice for just this purpose. I have to admit the, first few hours my sphincter couldn't move this beast much. I had only experienced the MGX which has a coffee stirrer base. Then I began to loosen up to the Vice and the feeling was unreal. I was able to rub the head of the Vice across my prostate with the wiggle. Then I added the thrust while rotating my hips. This sent me over the edge. I felt like I was getting pleasured by something other than myself.
    I did this for about an hour and decided it was time for the Muse. Wow…this bullet is incredible. I went through the settings one by one and decided for most contractions I like the wave medium for grinding, pulse high when I want my socks knocked off and constant high just to change it up! This vibe is amazing. If you think you're getting desensitized then you can use it low or turn it off. I have the Vice in me as I write this and NO Muse in at all. I just put it in an hour ago lol. It feels so good just by itself. I saw somewhere on here that you can't put a price on pleasure!
    As many have posted, the journey to self enlightenment…must include self discovery. Remember…if you can reach it…play with it. You'll be glad you did.

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