• Tantric Tummy!

    Unbelievable session in chat yesterday I have to share.
    I've always considered myself a brute force anal guy. I'm a Progasm ICE slut–go big or go home! Work regularly on kegels to drive ICE home and go crazy.
    Lately, I've been getting a little more sublime as my re-wiring journey led me to discover 'Aneroless' orgasms. All about mind and body acting in harmony. This awakened Energy inside me. I find myself doing yoga hand movements to channel energy throughout my body during sessions )with and without Aneros(.
    Well, I was messing around internet yesterday and something trigger me and before I knew it I was off to the races on a 'less' O. This got me primed and ready for more. So off to Aneros Chat!
    When I arrived was pleasantly surprised to find Tantric teaching session in progress. Of course I joined the fun!
    We did some energy focus items–nice feeling good– and then instructor hit us with unbelievable technique that had me climbing the walls!
    Flattened my left palm and then let it hover right over my belly button for a couple of minutes while slowly breathing and enjoying 'less' sensations. During this I started to notice energy waves pulsing towards my abs. Also, my cock slowly rose to attention. Standing proud as it glistened…
    Next, slowly start to move palm in circle over belly. Energy feelings start moving with it. Soon Cock was moving with it, like tied to a string. Could feel swirling sensation deep inside my ass, dancing around my prostate.
    After a bit I started moving it up and down. Up the upswing, my cock snapped to rigid attention and my ass would clamp down and slam my imaginary Pro ICE into my prostate! Slowly go down and cock and P pressure eased. Up again–Wham! Down, ahhh. Up–Holy f%^&! Give it to me! Cock so hard it hurts. Ass being stretched and fucked by Pro as it pounds my prostate! [Remember nothing inserted, it's all in my mind!] Needless to say, Orgasms a plenty followed with me thrashing in my chair, so much pleasure I cried out in ecstasy. My palm was going crazy and the energy seemed to swirl like a tornado inside until I lost all control and it just exploded, shooting out all my extremities, toes, fingers, mouth, cock…
    Soon world started going black. I finally caught myself and breathed before I passed out. Took me 10 minutes to get control of myself. A few more jolts caught me off guard. During one I grabbed my cock and balls, only to find them completely saturated in precum. More jolts again….
    Re-wiring never ceases to amaze! Now to cum like crazy as I explore more tantric and energy methods. Happy Riding!

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      02/19/2013at10:49 pm

      It was a great deal of fun, wasn't it!
      I agree when you said, "Re-wiring never ceases to amaze!" I cannot agree more!
      There seems to always be something more to explore/experience.
      Glad we all got to join in together is such blissful fun!

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