• Tantric sex

    I’m a bit disillusioned with orgasming using the aneros method. I have had some good success but it seems to take hours of effort to get any returns at the moment, probably just me. I have been meaning to read about tantric sex for a while and found some good information this morning; it’s similar to what I am doing but involves direct masturbation or sex and subverting energies away from a normal ejaculatory orgasm, together with energy circulation. What I like about it is the emphasis on meditation and energy circulation rather than the rather vague technique of aneros.
    I tried it quickly and managed to get 2 quick dry orgasm before I accidentally ejaculated. That was quite a good start. I tried again later in the day and managed to get into a continuous state of orgasm with a few small prostate contractions but I was frightened of ejaculating, possibly concentrating on that too much, and of course ended up ejaculating )again!(. I am going to keep experimenting, and try to circulate the energy more, at least I am guaranteed an orgasm of some sort each time I do it, so in many ways it is way better than the aneros technique.
    I meditated again today and managed to hold some long periods of a clear mind. I gave up after only 20 minutes because my mind was starting to chatter too much.
    I’m reading more about meditation on a great Buddhist meditation website http://www.wildmind.org/ and learning about access states, nimitta, and dyhana/jhana. I’m miles away from these yet but a clear mind is a start. There are some great beginners guides on this site.

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