• Taking off

    Phew, theres so much that has happened but I’ll try to summarise the points. So recently my sessions have been exceptional, easily hitting 10 orgasms in each session. One thing I notice is that prostate orgasms can vary alot from mild pulses to really strong distinct PC contractions. Also, the amount of conscious contraction may hinder the orgasm.

    There was this point I had a prostate O fr 20 secs and it kept going. The pelvic floor started to really warm up. The arousal kept feeding itself with the Aneros stroking the prostate each time. It was automatic. I relaxed and let it take over. About 40 seconds in cumming non-stop, a huge wave of pleasure lit up my entite body like a full body orgasm, could be some kind of chemical release. The whole thing laster about a minute.

    I also tried a session on a really tired night and I was already half asleep. While my brain wasn’t focusing much since I was super tired, the orgasms seemed to have kicked in easier. The orgasms kept coming one after another.

    I tried a short session with Aless and did some PC contractions, there were moments it felt exactly like a traditional O, with each pulse the flaccid penis got more and more erect. But when the penis got fully erect, the orgasm stopped. Maybe too much manual contraction.

    I tried a session with the helix trident, it was stiff compared to the syn, the trident seemed to get locked a little but the syn moves freely exactly to how the muscles contract. I’ll be sticking to the syn for awhile.

    Sometimes the prostate Os get really intense and I feel really slight twitches in my thighs and or butt muscles.

    All kinds of orgasms, varying in intensity and length. Some pulsing quick and some slower. I have gained better control over the pelvic muscles and connection to the prostate. It’s been a long time to get to this point and I’m glad to say this Aneros journey is really taking off!

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