• Taking an Aneros breather, Saturday morning, 8/6/16, but practicing Kegels *

    Hi guys,
    It has been amazing week since last Saturday evening July 30 when I had my first Aneros session after a month away from the Aneros. In the week following, I had four Aneros sessions and attempted three Super T’s. According to the Aneros Wiki, a Super-T is traditional ejaculatory orgasm produced through “copulatory, manual, or oral stimulation” while the Aneros is inserted, see:
    @goldenboy asked me this morning if such an ejaculatory orgasm with Aneros inserted could happen no-hands fashion. I answer, it can if a guy is so “sexed” 🙂 The beauty of the Aneros experience that anything affirming the male and those he loves can happen! 🙂
    I am taking a breather for Aneros activity today at least in daylight hours. Having four “regular” Aneros sessions and then three Super-T attempts in the late evening is out of the extraordinary. I am cautioning myself not to go beyond Aneros directions for use guidelines.
    Also last night, a thought came to me. Several married men in Aneros chat told me that they use Aneros while having sex with their wives to great success. I salute them! Aneros directions for use recommends it. So for now on when I attempt a Super-T, I should use one Aneros model emulating these buds.
    I woke up this morning feeling revitalized and sexually charged. While bathing and shaving, I had a plump, tumescent erection!
    I am typing this blog entry wearing a traditional BIKE no. 10 jockstrap underneath my cargo shorts and savoring the Kegels. Take care! (posted on Aneros.com @8:30 a.m., ET)
    Reflection no. 1: I bought my first jockstrap for 7th grade PE in September 1963. It was a boy size jock with a naked, athletic man wearing nothing but a supporter. I got a rockhard erection in my chinos when I purchased it at the town drugstore. At that time, I was 12/13 years old and six months away from my first ejaculatory orgasm. Not only did I have a boner, but I felt precum emitting from glans penis. I rushed home to try it on in my bedroom. The jock fitted me perfectly but I had to wear my erect penis in the twelve o’clock position in the jock pouch with my lubing glans scrunched against the jock waistband.
    From that day forward, I tried to replicate those delicious feelings by touching myself “down there.” Those touches became more directed in the weeks and months following, with myself discovering the masturbatory grip. Finally one Saturday evening in April 1964 before bedtime, I was masturbating. My touches and strokes upon my manhood began to feel better and better. I found myself getting into unfamiliar territory of sexual delights which felt even better and better. Finally out of nowhere, a tidal wave of absolute sexual pleasure swept over me and I experience first ever ejaculatory orgasm of semen!
    In those years and following, I found that jock pouches and even athletic cups held my equipment in such a way that I discovered intuitively the Kegels. Hence, wearing a jock and cup enhances my Kegels as this morning! (Composed late Saturday morning, 8/6/16, ET)
    Reflection no. 2, @5 p.m., 8/6/16, ET. Saturday is perhaps the only day of the week that I can concentrate on activities undisturbed. So today while attending to other matters, I have reveled in the sweetness of my Aless while performing occasional sets of Kegels. The BIKE no. 10 jock has a mesh pouch which holds perfectly my genitalia and aids me in performing the Kegels of various strengths. It seems that today I have been in a state of horny expectation. All guys with a healthy sexual libido know that this sort of horniness leads to sex. In my case, I hope to make another attempt of achieving a Super-T!
    Reflection no. 3, @9:23 p.m., ET. Tonight countdown for Super-T shoot has begun, with liftoff scheduled around 11 p.m. I am randy and horny for it!


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      08/06/2016at3:08 pm

      Bro. You mentioned something to Goldenboy today on penis play while he is retaininig semen. Do you have a particular writing on this site explaining what you are talking about? Thanks

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      08/06/2016at3:26 pm

      Bro. It is this blog post that I suggested for Goldenboy to meditate with loving regard upon his penis all the while retaining his semen!

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