• Taken by surprise!

    Guy’s, just had to write about what happened minutes ago, still going on actually as I write this. I had planned a session for this evening but as the night wore on I felt a bit tired and disinterested so decided to give it a miss. Well I think parts of my anatomy must have had other ideas. Soon after laying down in bed I felt some wonderful stirrings and a “seeking” feeling around my prostate, also some involuntary flexing of my anus as if an Aneros was there. Instantly I was persuaded to enjoy these sensations and see where they led. It wasn’t long before I felt a prostate orgasm approaching and instinctively began touching my nipples. What felt like a lightning bolt shot down the length of my body as the orgasm peaked and then subsided. Three more times this happened, it had me writhing and squirming on my back in joyous ecstasy as I tried to catch my breath. The panties I was wearing now soaked with pre cum. Wow, oh wow! What gives? I’ve had some gentle Aless before but never anything like this. Oh man another one just happened. This is insane!
    Please excuse me, I must go.


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      11/06/2018at2:04 pm

      Welcome to the euphoric world of Aless and nipple play! As you mentioned when you feel your prostate twitch and your anus flex focus and enjoy! Add nipple play and you’re ready to experience the ultimate in pleasure! Just gets better and better as you let it guide you on the journey!

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      11/14/2018at8:06 pm

      I had a similar experience yesterday afternoon while driving in my car. I had just finished an exciting Aneros session earlier that morning, leaving me feeling quite content and ready for the day. Then as I am driving down the road, I begin to notice a very nice buzz beginning at my anus, and working it’s way on up to my prostate. I then felt that wonderful throbbing and pressure at my prostate, when I suddenly went into an orgasm as I am trying to keep my hands steady on the wheel! One of the most thrilling “rides” I have ever had in my car!I have had buzzing and mini O’s in the car before, but nothing like this. I thought for a moment if it continued for very long, I would have to pull over! This is also day 12 in my SR, so I am sure that has a lot to do with it.

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