• Synsational!! The wild skills of this Aneros Synpinnacle to date!!

    The new Syn is almost unbelievable in its refinement and capabilities!! Thanks so much CT for the revival of the blogs and this chance to put these first two adventures together here.
    Part One: Talk about a difference of black and white!!
    I enjoyed my first Syn session early this week after it arrived last Friday. Very fond on my Vice, I was very happy with the texture and feel of Syn, and particularly the flexibility of the P-tab arm.
    From the first insertion I was afraid that it was locking up in my rectum as my Helix did repeatedly years ago until I set it aside. I had to get up and walk around a bit to get something, AND SUDDENLY!!! Syn was VERY MOBILE and the massaging and wide ranging stimulation points and varying pressures on my prostate had it dancing a vivid tango!!! Dries and Supers ramped and pitched and popped in chains, mixed with periods of prolonged Still Body Os that were extraordinary.
    My intent for the session had been for an initial trial, and yet Syn continued to bring more and more variety and I shifted to an online session with some friends as I moved into a BPH therapy session. I could sit upright in my office chair with Syn VERY COMFORTABLY!! and rock a bit with the most extraordinary prostate massage!! I could lean back and quickly a great auto*F began and expanded!!!
    This became the most extraordinary BPH therapy session to date, great pre-cum from the best milking of my prostate ever, and an incredible extended Super-T OOOOOOO))00000 that produced more heavy duty shot strands of semen covering my chest and abdomen: absolutely the best prostate clean-out and "clearing the pipes" ever for me!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never had a better mixed session, that is dry orgasmic ecstasies for that long, followed by the unprecedented BPH therapy blow-out.
    Syn feels like a fantastic mix of Eupho, Tempo and Vice!!! Syn is an immediate top aneros model here. I can hardly wait to see what it can do next time…. and the next….:):):):):):):):):)
    all the best ecstatic energies and physical stimulation orgasmia at all levels and the best of prostate health all
    Part Two: Well my good friend rook!! …and all you others who have found the unique joys of couples sex with your Syn Yn!!
    Mrs. a and I have just arisen from a 2+1/2 hour session of ecstasies and new variations of energies orgasms with me riding Syn throughout!!! Highlights:
    * after great nipples and oral foreplay, Syn was inserted and feels like it was custom designed for my Ecstatic Energies Canal (anorectal alimentary canal ) I still love most of my aneros models, butt after this morning Syn is the Universal Leader.
    * seemingly endless energies flows from our penile/vaginal slow sex with the Bio-Electric Sex active/still alternating rhythms according to intuition, and Syn starts auto*F thrusts and I am "the meat in the sandwich" with a more gentle, yet highly erotic, sense of "done" with great beauty..hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm…aaahhhhhaaaaaa….. yesyesyesyesyesmmmmmmmmmSyn/Mrs. a..mmmmmmmmmmmahahahahahahhhmmmmmmmmmmmm………
    * and Mrs. a feels the Syn action through me and it triggers kundalini energy flows in both of us!!!…MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm…..
    * and so many new subtle and sublime variations on energies orgasms, when…!..!!
    * we both go into elevated floating bliss still body Calm Seas Os for extended meditative ecstatic reveries and modest deeply relaxed UU (universal union) until…
    * resuming more BES rhythmic play and !! ….
    * "What is That!!" and Syn is able to trigger either prostate-centred OR anal-centred (PorA) Dries and Supers in me AND they send uniquely focused energies ecstatics into/for Mrs. a!!~~!!~~!!~~!!…..
    * and WOW do we have great fun playing that back and forth, back and forth,!!~!!~~~!!~!!~~~!!!!~!!!!~!!!!…..
    * until we also add in the mixed P+A variants that we had been enjoying all along!!……
    * and it becomes apparent that Syn has also been once again doing its extra special medical prostate massage and I need to shift into a BPH therapy "clear the pipes" session mode!!
    * AND Mrs. a helps juggling my balls and sucking on my right nip to speed up the triggers and I JO a huge Super-T clean-out after more than a week of abstinence and she kindly runs a great hot bath for us both!!
    She is now as impressed with the sharable joys of Syn as I am!! Syn is now by far THE BEST for us in couples sex that includes riding an aneros!! Syn Yn!! SYN YN!!
    Part Three: Syn Quickie for great BPH therapy!!
    Great immediate massage and stim for great Dries and Supers and into JO Super-T!!!!!!!! and cleaned out prostate in minutes!!! Infinite pleasures and great health benefits in a convenient few minutes!!! Syn is Yn!!
    all the very best amplification of couples sex and energies orgasmic ecstasies with aneros riding and less sessions too all
    and high powered quickie ecstasies and BPH therapy and total whole male health all
    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
    Will add as the Syn adventures continue….

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