• Sweet, vibrant Aneros energy!

    Hi guys,
    Even though today I need to continue working on my taxes, earlier this morning I had a session that nearly blew me away.
    This morning I used only the following models in succession: Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, Progasm Classic.
    First I began with Helix Classic. It seemed that it "fit" me perfectly and massaged all the sweet spots in my anal canal, and along and around my prostate. I purposely avoided anal contractions and focused on the "do-nothing-approach." Wow! Immediately there was sweet, vibrant energy surrounding my prostate and the Helix Classic it did its magic. In a way, what I experienced is similar to what physicists are trying to do in causing sustainable and "safe" nuclear fusion. They are trying to put the nuclear fuel of heavy or tritium Hydrogen in a "bottle" of plasma to ignite nuclear fusion. This is what happened to me this morning with my awakened prostate and Helix Classic in this bottle of sweet, yet vibrant energy. I think this was the experience of Getting in the Zone with Aneros or Zoneros! While in Zoneros, I focused on the sweet, vibrant sexual pleasure, and its dynamics and textures. I get horny thinking about all this.
    Same thing happened Maximus. Maximus does reach along and around my prostate as it massages it. I thought I was going to die from pleasure!
    Most of the time, I can insert Tempo easily and sit comfortably at my PC. Tempo always works its magic on me with its rhythm. But it seemed this morning that Tempo was leading me in ways unimaginable during which I was on the verge of experiencing a Super-O!
    I finished my session with Progasm Classic. I just *love* Progasm Classic because he delivers such a powerful f**k! This morning I didn't experience of paroxysms of Aneros pleasure with Progasm Classic, but still it was so damn good. However, Progasm Classic does hold great promise for me that comes from Aneros Zoneros.
    I could have continued today's session even longer, but I was getting tired, so I brought it to an end. Immediately afterward, there was a definite springiness in my step, and yes, there were even palpitations of pleasure in my loins and entire sexual apparatus! However, I do feel fatigued, yet now back to those taxes.
    Take care!

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      04/15/2015at8:55 am

      I love "Zonerose"! Is that an original from you…I have not heard that before and as you know I have talked this year about topics like "orgasmic zone". Zonerose….Great word!

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