• Sweet, timeless memories about jocks and cups (inspired by goldenboy)

    Hi guys,

    Many of who have read my Aneros blog over the years have heard my stories about jocks and cups dating from my puberty and the glory days of adolescence up to my old age. This fascination represents a lifetime of experience and gives me even now the thrill of wearing these quintessentially male items which men and boys wear for athletics and even daily, leisurely wear.

    I was eleven or twelve when I encountered my dad’s jockstrap for the first time. Mom had laundered in February or March 1962 and hanged it on a hanger to dry above the bathtub at home. Dad was going to wear it under his Little League navy blue umpire uniform pants when Little League began in late April or May that year. I decided to try it on when it was dry. I was baffled in how to wear it correctly, but I figured its mesh pouch was to contain my privates, but I was mystified that its leg straps gave that “bare ass” feel, so unlike the briefs I wore as my own underwear. However the “bare ass” feel of a jockstrap provides needed ventilation to a guy’s sweaty buttocks on the athletic field. This also applies to a guy wearing a cup jock.

    My dad was a modest and a somewhat bashful man. He was devoted to the church as was my mother, and was a prominent lay leader at church. However in the summertime on Little League evenings, he was an exhibitionist when after supper, he would run throughout the house buck naked to go bedroom to don his umpire uniform with jockstrap underneath. His dick would flop about. His was a much larger version of mine. We’re both circumcised, our bulbous glans are a distinctive part of our cock anatomy. I came to realize shortly his jockstrap was doing its job in supporting his genitalia.

    My jock consciousness increased not only through his Johnson & Johnson Blue Ribbon Supporter, but also what I saw in Montgomery Wards and Sears catalogs which my parents subscribed. BIKE no. 10 supporter ads were also featured in Boys Life Magazine. In those years, BIKE jocks had that distinctive Bike Wheel logo on the label on jock waistbands. It is said that BIKE jocks were invented in 1874 to support the cock and balls of Bike Jockeys on the bumpy cobbled streets of Boston, MA.

    However, the day arrived in early September 1963 when Coach Knox told us boys we had to get an athletic supporter for 7th grade gym class. It was a required part of our gym uniform. So I went to Crutch & MacDonald Drugstore near the town green to purchase a jockstrap. The pharmacist sold me boys size. It was a Johnson & Johnson Coach Athletic Supporter. The box featured a drawing of an naked athlete wearing nothing but a jockstrap. I popped a rockhard boner oozing precum in my chinos. I rushed home and ran to my bedroom to try it on. I had to wear my cock in the twelve o’clock position with my lubing glans scrunched against the waistband. The mesh jock pouch did its job perfectly in supporting my scrotum, but it seemed the mesh pouch was massaging and even kneading my glans. The jock felt so good that it seemed a sexual awakening for me. Thereafter every chance I had, I tried to recreate the delicious feelings which my jockstrap produced. Sexual touch of my cock led me to me to the masturbatory grip. Six months later I achieved success in my very first ejaculatory orgasm. It happened on a Saturday night before bedtime when it seemed that I was climbing the veritable mount of sexual arousal. My body took over when a veritable tidal wave of sexual pleasure swept over me and I achieved the sweetness of orgasm and ejaculation of thick, creamy cum! The athletic supporter was truly of catalyst of this masculine realization!

    In Torrington, CT a factory town six miles from my hometown, BIKE jocks and cups were featured in men’s clothing stores and sporting good stores. However I was restricted in my jock and cup purchases while I lived at home. College and beyond, these restrictions were lifted.

    However, just after tenth grade in the summertime, I summoned my courage to purchase my first jock and cup unit at the very same pharmacy where I purchased my first jock. It was a Bauer & Black Pro Cup supporter unit. The cup jock had the classic tunnel pouch with a leather closure and two metal snaps. The Pro Cup was actually a classi Bike flat cup with ten ventilation holes and a thick rubber gasket for comfort. The box this jock and cup had a brawny athlete in profile. I received an erotic rush when I purchased it. That was in June 1965.

    Two decades later in April 1986 was when I purchased purchased my BIKE CUP no. 85 Supporter Unit men’s medium. Over this span of time, jockstrap brands and models had diversified. Athletic cups by and large remained the flat cup variety and were uncomfortable to wear. Many athletes avoided wearing them. But in the middle 1980’s, some sporting goods manufacturers such as BIKE began producing contoured, banana cups that fit much better the male genital anatomy. There was the Original Banana Cup, followed by Shock Doctor, and finally in 2007, Mark Littell began marketing his visionary Nutty Buddy Cup. Other cups, as mentioned by @goldenboy are the Mueller and the Safetgard Cage Cup.

    However, one of the high points of my jock and cup shopping expeditions in my life (which by the way were rare) was one that occurred on a early Thursday afternoon in April 1986 in Torrington, CT. I went to a sporting goods store, Sportsman’s Paradise, which supplied the needs of sports teams in Northwestern Connecticut. I went to the store because I knew it sold BIKE! I went to the store with an erotic frame of mind. Actually I was horned! Jim, the store proprietor, waited on me. He easily sold me a few BIKE jocks. Then I asked him, “Do you sell any jocks with cup ?” He said, “Yes, but we have just gotten into the store, a new BIKE cup which you may like to purchase.” He brought a very large bluish box containing the BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85. He took the cup out of the box. It was HUGE with a strangely contoured, banana shape. It also had a thick gasket. I blushed a deep red. I thought I was going to cream my jeans. I wonder what Jim, the proprietor, must have thought of me. Perhaps he was amused from the smile I saw on his face! Well, I took it home, went to my bedroom, and had to jack off, I was so turned on! That night I wore it to bed for the first time and luxuriated in its feel on my genitals. Needless to say, I brought many more of this cup jock unit in the couple of years it was in production. I was in the mid to late thirties at the time.


    No. 1. The elasticity of ordinary jockstrap and cup holders enable guys to gauge and fathom the feel of these items on their genitalia. You can do this while engaging in athletics or wearing such as part of street clothes or as leisure wear at home or at a bar. This sort of meditation is particularly effective in bed at night.

    No. 2. Wearing a jockstrap and certainly a cup and jock enhances the feel of the Kegels.

    No. 3. Guys into nipple stimulation or diddling will the notice the sexual sweetness that diddling has on their genitals. Guys will notice that a jock and cup enhance and magnify the sexual sweetness located in their cock and balls but also in their sweet spot at the base of their scrotum, cock root, and perineum meet. They may notice that this sexual sweetness leads the PONR where they can achieve a very sweet dalliance without “falling off” into ejaculation.

    No. 4. Dressing up your cock in cellophane which I discovered recently or wearing the latex of a condom, and then wearing your dressed up cock in a cup jock directs your sexual sweetness to the sweet spot which I have described in No. 3.

    No. 5. The proliferation of jock and cup brands and styles enables a guy to do much experimentation.

    No. 6. The Aneros cannot be forgotten as it central to even experienced guys. I for one use the Aneros still because its direct massage of my prostate and my anal tract and musculature provides a needed impetus to me as a man. There is a symbiotic connection to the Aneros which I still love and my jocks and cups which enter into most powerfully and sweetly, all of which make me feel young and healthy.

    No. 7. Diddling stroking your nipples: Find a space where you can lie or sit comfortably where it was warm. Being naked is essential while you wear your jockstrap or cup supporter unit. Now focus on your nipples. Use soft strokes in two fashions upon your nipples: (1) Back and forth strokes across your nipples, or (2) circular strokes or stroking upon your nipples. You will notice such actions is what nipple diddling is about. This direct stimulation if done lovingly and softly will cause your nipples to become erect. You may find this very sexually stimulating, very affirming to you as a man. Also your jockstrap or cup supporter unit and your supported and cupped genitalia may be affected by this attention, again very affirming to you as a man. Throw in some Kegels too.

    No. 8. Focusing your jocked and cupped genitals: This is very similar to No. 7. Focus your “packaged” genitals through loving stroking of your mesh jockstrap or your athletic cup. Your jocked and cupped cock and balls will exult in such loving attention.

    No. 9. While doing no. 7 or no. 8, caress your hairy pecs again very loving. You may diddle your nipples or Kegel some. Notice what delicious or sweet feelings may result in your genitals. The sky is the limit when such loving attention opens you up!

    No. 10. I mentioned in passing in this blog that jocks and cups are part and parcel of my Aneros journey almost from the very beginning of my Aneros journey which began on Sunday evening June 3, 2012 with Aneros Syn. Actually I incorporated jocks and cups beginning July 2012, the second month on. Wearing a jockstrap or a cup supporter unit do enhance or intensify the sensations experienced while riding the Aneros. I had to be careful so as not to cause myself injury. However several months ago, I discovered that I can stand using the Aneros jocked and cupped. What I discovered was amazing and actually hot. I could stand and have the Aneros Syn or Progasm ICE autofuck me. Diddling my nipples certainly enhances this autofuck action which my prostate and my anal musculature enjoy and crave! Try all this for yourself and report your findings! 🙂

    In closing, I give a special, fond shout-out to @goldenboy who shares my erotic fascination to jocks and cups as they apply to the Aneros experience. Also having a jockstrap and athletic cup fetish is a powerful, even a transcendental male experience to men and boys the world over! That fetish which began in the heady years of my adolescence at times annoyed and even upset my mother! 🙂

    Take care

    P.S. no. 1 @Saturday morning, May 25 on the long Memorial Day weekend. Very sweet. yet powerful Aless this morning after diddling myself last night while wearing my BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85. I am amplifying my Aless by diddling and Kegeling some! 🙂

    P.S. no. 2. I should have been upfront to both my parents when I purchased that Black & Bauer Pro Cup Supporter Unit. It would have alleviated my mom’s mystification of that cup jock tunnel and what you insert in it, i.e. the protective cup! 🙂


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      05/25/2019at8:39 am

      @BigGlansDC I enjoyed reading this comprehensive and very inspiring post! I am honored for the nod but mostly humbled. I only hope that other guys will realize the myriad range of pleasures associated with jocks and cups both with and without Aneros use. As you and I can attest, they are superbly arousing for us males. I use them to complement my practices of semen retention (SR) and now NoFap ® . As suggested by you, I will continue to explore nipple diddling and pec pleasures.

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      05/25/2019at8:39 am

      @BigGlansDC I enjoyed reading this comprehensive and very inspiring post! I am honored for the nod but mostly humbled. I only hope that other guys will realize the myriad range of pleasures associated with jocks and cups both with and without Aneros use. As you and I can attest, they are superbly arousing for us males. I use them to complement my practices of semen retention (SR) and now NoFap ® . As suggested by you, I will continue to explore nipple diddling and pec pleasures.

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