• Sweet, pulsating Aless = Sweet, pulsating prostate?

    Hi guys,
    For a real long time, like the last one or two years, whenever I have strong, profound Aless, it is pulsating Aless. It is very sweet, yet powerful Aless. This happens when I focus my attention upon the seat of my manhood.
    Now the seat of my manhood, I believe, is centered in my prostate. My Aneros sessions have indicated and verified that one dynamic truth. Yes, I have a penis and a pair of testicles, but the seat of my manhood which I just described is hidden.
    I discovered my penis for sure as a boy at age five. That is when I discovered the pleasure laden in my glans. I learned that if I stimulated my glans lightly the pleasure would be suffused through my penis. I learned then that if I had played with myself “down there” that I would produce erections. Also, at age five, I began remember seeing my dad naked. That happened most in the summertime when he would dash through the house buck naked after dinner to my parents bedroom to donned his Little League Baseball umpire uniform for games he would officiate. Little did I know in those years that he wore an athletic supporter!
    In those impressionable years, I thought my dad was the most handsome man naked. He was tall and slender in his early forties. His penis was a much larger version than mine. I discovered then that I had inherited his bulbous, mushroom GLANS! I learned years later that we both were circumcised!
    It was at age eleven that I discovered my dad’s men’s large jockstrap hanging above the bathtub to dry after being laundered. I tried to put in on but it is much too large for boy as me entering puberty. It was then I was experiencing my first growth spurts in my overall body and my genitals.
    A year or so later, I entered 7th grade and had gym class. In 1963, we had to get a gym uniform. The school supplied the T-shirt and gym shorts. Coach told we had to get a pair of sneakers and a jockstrap. I bought my jock at the town drugstore. When I saw the box it come in and the picture of a jockstrap on the front, I got a raging boner in my chinos. I turned out to be a lubing boner too! Putting on that jock for the first time was a sexual awakening for me. That one experience set me on the road to my first successful masturbation with orgasm and ejaculation first time six months later. It happened out of the blue one night. But it felt so good and so right, and still does even now and so naturally!
    Like many devoted masturbators, my most pleasurable jack off sessions happened when I took my time and tuned into my body. When I entered adulthood and finally got my own apartment, I discovered that pleasure would arise in my glans, travel down my cockshaft, and end up in my prostate, where the pleasure would travel up the same route and end up in my glans. So I believed that as an adult, that my glans and prostate were poles of an anode and cathode like in a battery. This arrangement of anode (prostate) and cathode (glans penis) produced the sexual energy of pleasure, or I so had assumed.
    However just three weeks after beginning my Aneros sessions with Helix Syn in early June 2012, I began experiencing my first P-waves. My prostate began to awaken. A few weeks later in early July, I began experience my first chairgasms and soon after that my first bedgasms and walkinggasms when I began using Maximus and shortly later, Progasm. By then, Aless, sexual energy in my prostate and anal canal, outside of sessions, had settled in.
    It took countless Aneros sessions with lots of Aless to hone upon all this exquisite pleasure! In Aless, I can do this with sets of Kegels of various strengths and time lengths. I can focus upon my Aless also breathing and attention. Subtlety in all this is indeed most powerful and effective! And yes, stimulation of my nipples, hairy chest, abs, thighs, and other erogenous areas of my body does get me going!
    So this morning, I woke up just after 6 a.m. I turned on the radio and listened to an Evangelical radio program on the Bible. It was a group discussion with a Texas pastor as a participant. Many Texas pastors have really sexy voices. While I enjoyed the discussion, the pastor was engaging in his content which was enhanced by his sexy voice. I listened to the radio program and stimulated my nipples. After the radio program ended, I turned off the radio and got up with bathe and shave. I had a major hardon which reminded of my late dad’s circumcised penis.
    Then I donned a jock and cup underneath my camo cargo shorts and UA T-shirt preparatory to get my breakfast for my neighborhood 7 Eleven. It was a delightful late summer’s morning. I just love interacting with my Aless in my jock and cup. The cup jock combo really revves up my Aless!
    Many times when I have powerful, sweet Aless and I am focusing upon it, I notice this very sweet, yet powerful pulsating in my prostate (I believe) and my anal canal/musculature! I just wonder if an awakened and alive prostate is the prime mover of my Aless!
    Another thing: @OMGBO in his latest Aneros blog entry mentioned the importance of automatic anal contractions in Aneros sessions. This has been a part of my Aneros experience in my sessions for a long time. But the Kegels have their place too!
    @Goldenboy, So I guess a horny prostate is a pulsating prostate, yes?
    Apartment management goes home early on Monday evenings at 5 p.m. I am planning to have a session tonight to celebrate!

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