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    So my 11 days of edging and not cumming has ended. I had one of the most pleasurable orgasms to date. I had some slow music playing. I was but naked spread out with the evening sun gazing at my edger wanting body. I had a towel beneath me and my toys ad oil on deck. I slide my helix in with ease an then I put on a cock ring on my already stick throbbing cock. I had just bought some new porn and was was ready to get my moneys worth. I was so ready but i didn’t know if I wanted to rush my orgasm or prolong it like i been doing for the past 11 days. So i lubed of my shaft an turned my porn on to a hot young guy being penetrated but a older fella with hairy balls an a long veiny cock. I knew that it was gonna take me over the edge.
    So as I’m stroking to this hot scene I am getting closer and closer to my destination or pleasure and then I decided to push it back down. Oh my penis was upset with me but me and my hand was in control tonight. I edged my penis for at least a hour. I was moaning like crazy. When i really get into it i moan and whimper like a in-heat female dog an baby i was howling. I just couldn’t control myself. Then my nipples felt neglected so I had one hand stroking my penis passionately an the other hand was groping my left man boob. I was yanking on it as if milk were gonna come out. I was in utopia of orgasmic bliss and I didn’t want to escape this beautiful feeling.
    Then i decided to switch things up. I decided to put the porn to the side and just began to examine my self in the state that i was in. I didn’t even realize that I had been gooning over my hard wet leaky penis for hours. I was soaking wet with sweat an i began to sniff the air and I smelt nothing but my lust. It was a filthy muggy smell that made me even hornier. I began to turn my self on by smell. I never knew that would happen. As I’m sniffing and sweating and stroking I decided to finally reach my orgasm but in a different way. I read a few days ago about surfing. Its when you have a orgasm by stroking with a easy steady controlled pace and you let the cum ooze out naturally from the easy strokes your giving yourself. I didn’t know if I could achieve this task cause I really just wanted to cum badly. So I began to slow down my strokes as I looked at my penis. As I gazed at my hard penis we ha some type of understanding that this orgasm will feel and be different. So my strokes are now at a steady controlled pace and I’m gripping my nipples and it feels so fucking awesome. I’m still moaning like crazy and my helix is treating my prostate with such care. I then began to feel my orgasm approach yet again and I had my penis firmly in my hand. I stroked and stroked an i saw a stream of pre-cum slide out but i kept the steadiness at bay then i felt my dick head spasm. Ropes and ropes of liquid awesomeness came shooting out of my penis. I didn’t want to ruin it so i just kept it going til the shooting ended and i just tried y best to compose my self the est way I could.
    I had cum on my belly, the bed, the floor some even reached the end of the bed where my toes were. It felt amazing. I felt complete. I had some much emotions going through me that i actually began to shed tears. They were tears of pure xstacy an I will cherish that nut i had for the rest of my life. So try surfing it will change your whole way of achieving a orgasm.

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      09/13/2016at7:35 pm

      This blog post was so hot, I felt like a needed a pair of gloves! Yes, surfing is awesome!

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