• Supple nipps and a morning session of bliss

    Well yesterday I bought some baby pacifiers and cut them down to use as supple nipps.
    The left nipple is holding well and gets engorged but the right does not hold as good but does work as long as you dont bump it.
    I did not notice any extra stimulation from sensitivity directly except when very aroused I think I felt some electricity from each nipple down towards my penis.
    However in saying this I have had the best morning session ever even though the supple nipps werent on.
    Maybe it is because I whore them for 2 hours last night.
    Last night was a two hour session but was average in feeling except for feeling the electricity from my nipples during a dry O. The few dry Os I had where nothing extraordinary.turned over and went to sleep riding the waves like always.
    But this morning woke early to the pleasant feeling of being fucked steadily.
    Well it just kept going and going and I was lost in orgasm after orgasm dry O after dry O and numerous erections, one a huge purple throbber.
    2.5 hours latter my wife left for work and I was still riding the orgasms. 1 to two dry Os a minute.
    I had to get up at 8am to let the animals out and feed them because it was going to be a hot day.
    I took half a hour to actually bring myself to get out of bed as the feeling were so good. The intensity is getting very nice again now.
    I removed miss helix reluctantly and sat on the toilet to pee as this is easier for me due to a foot injury.
    I tried to pee and had trouble because it was like I had just ejaculated and it was stopped from flowing.
    I looked down and I had a semi. I managed after a sort while to get some to flow but as it got going it stopped again and I formed a full erection again.
    I stopped and took not of my feeling. I was buzzing my cock was hard my anus was twitching and I felt wide awake. I was trembling like a leaf.
    I was highly aroused so there was nothing for it! Straight back to the bed.
    I prelubed again with 2 ml of silicone and 3ml of water base and the recoated the helix with valeline and the waterbase as I suspect I will be going all day.
    I then put on some very loose shorts a top and my slippers got up fed the cat and then went out and feed the animals out side.
    It was great walking around with the helix inside me bouncing around pumping me all the time and bending over to pick things up. The arousal kept going and I was still shaking like a leaf.
    I came back inside stripped off again and went to lie on bed and saw a 5cm round wet patch from all the precum from earlier in the morning.
    Had a smile and lay down. I then had a dry O.
    I rolled over and put my supple nipps back on this was 8:30am.
    I started this blog and have been being pumped all the while by miss helix. I usually lie on my side but typing is best done on my back and I am getting good feeling even though I normally dont on my back.
    My penis is constantly leaking precum slowly and it is now 9:30am Every now and then I can feel my nipples aching from the supple nipps.
    I feel that the supple nipps are really begining to help with my arousal.
    I am building sensations so I must stop this blog.
    The trembling is getting stronger too.
    I is going to be a great day to stay in bed al day! :(

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