• Super, Super O

    Last night I had the biggest Orgasm I have ever had. It left me stunned and very, very satisfied.
    My journey to prostate pleasure began about three months ago, and I remained sceptical for a short period after it began. In fact I remained skeptical until I could sense that something was happening and that I was progressing. First was the involuntary contractions, they were ‘interesting’, then came the mild pleasure moments, then the mini-O’s. I always wanted the Big One that I had read about, and from time to time I thought I had reached the Big O, but looking back, these were Mini O’s.
    For the past few weeks, my wife and I have been away on holidays and I took my Vive with me ( I couldn’t bear to leave it home). Many nights away I inserted it and experienced my usual Mini O’s – (a wonderfull warm and orgasmic sensation that feels similar to regular Orgasm but is dry and can occurs multiple times in one night. They normally last 15 – 20 seconds each).
    Last night I inserted my Vive as usual and after several mini O’s, I dosed off to sleep. I awoke at 1:15am and could feel another mini O coming on. I was laying face down on my bed with my right leg bent. I started to move gently, pressing my erect Penis into the sheets and mattress. I could feel that tingling feeling in my groin, the tingling you get just before a regular orgasm. I could feel it build and become more intense, I kept the motion going. then suddenly WOW! I began experiencing the most amazing full body sensations of absolute pleasure. The tingling sensation in my groin became even stronger – (I thought I was having a wet orgasm), the pleasure was amazing and just kept growing stronger. Pleasure after pleasure I rolled around on my bed, continuing to gently rub my Penis into the mattress. The pleasure continued and continued, climaxing over and over again. I grabbed my pillow, hugging it close to me, clenching it with the intense pleasure. I rubbed my hands up and down my naked body and it felt fantastic. Every part of me felt fantastic. Slowly the pleasure diminished and I lay on the bed totally satisfied. I looked at the clock and it was 1:29am The Super O had lasted an amazing 14 minutes of non stop Orgasm after Orgasm.
    I feel that this journey I am on is not over yet. The experiences I am having just keep growing and expanding.
    I am looking forward to tonight…….

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      11/01/2016at1:00 pm

      @OMGBO congratulations on your first Super-O! It’s always great to read about members reaching their ultimate goal. Good for you to do so only three months into your journey. You are right, it will continue to get better from this moment on. Enjoy and please continue to blog your progress!

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