• Super-O's are really really weird

    In the forum I've written about how I think the aneros allows men to have the same kind of orgasm as women get from really, really good sex. And as my experiences have gotten more intense, that belief has strengthened.
    In my recent sessions, each successive dry-o would push the tension I felt in my body higher and higher. First I would get the leg twitches and a couple mini-o's. Then the kicking and bucking which led to a bigger one. Then the full body thrashing and moaning. (To the point where I kind of hurt my neck from my head snapping back and forth!) And finally culminating at the 2 hour mark with every muscle in my body frozen in tension for what felt like hours, though really no more than 3 or 4 minutes.
    And after this I knew I could keep going, but I was so mentally exhausted that I had to jerk myself off just to release all that tension. Then, after about a half hour break I went right back at it through the same process lasting another 2 hours.
    Here's what I'm getting at: if I'm right that the aneros gives men female orgasms, then a woman's experience is probably similar to this.
    But whenever I've had one of those super-hot, half-hour or longer sessions with a woman where I'm just relentlessly pounding her through seven different positions, it always ends with her begging me to cum in her or on her anywhere. And that's the only thing in the world that can give her relief.
    But for me, as a man, there's no way to get that relief from a piece of plastic that's running on auto-pilot. So the tension, while extremely pleasurable, starts to feel torturous. And there's no way to get relief except to revert to a standard male orgasm.
    And that all just felt really weird to me after it was over. Not bad really, just bizarre.
    Incidentally, I think I understand now why several of my partners would get sooooooo disappointed when I couldn't cum.

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      01/25/2011at1:22 pm

      interesting point of view……i've kinda noticed the same thing as i'm getting more and more aneros orgasms…..hopefully i'm following you right…….the feelings are great, but in the end, i still feel alot of built up tension and the relief is me jerking off and then i feel "totally" relaxed
      well to add on to that point…….this is what i observed from my wife……we have sex and i'm pounding away at her and she cums……and then after so many more minutes, she's telling me to get mine and cum (which is her "so-called" relief)……well other times we have sex and if i get her really aroused, she's able to achieve her "squirting" orgasm…….and usually, she cums before this, but when she has this type of orgasm, she's totally relaxed and lets me finish in my time…..and throughout that time, she may have 1 or 2 more squirting orgasms…….and when it's all said and done, just like a guy after he cums, she's knocked out for the count……i mean literally as soon as my dick comes out of her, she's sleep…….no cuddling, talking, etc……sleep!!!
      So when you think about it, it's similar

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