• Super O Plateau

    One of the most mysterious and exciting things about this Aneros journey is its subtlety and the connection of mind and body in experiencing sexual pleasure. When I started this journey of sexual discovery almost 20 years ago I knew that it was as much a mental experience as it was a physical one. Even though Aneros practice is rooted in the use of a physical device, the power of the mind to facilitate extreme pleasure through that device is manifest. Even more mysterious and fascinating however is the power of Aneros to instigate anal pleasure and facilitate an altered mental state at the pinnacle of a chain of multiple orgasms.
    My normal sessions usually are between an hour and 3 hours. Typically a session will consist of back to pleasure spasms that flow in waves of building and ebbing pleasure. The waves never disappear they just modulate slightly from peak to peak. If I am going to go for a 2 hour session I will deliberately let the wave dissipate slightly to relish the sublime sensation of climbing higher again. It will typically build up on its own to start the second hour as I wait for it to lift me in renewed waves of ecstasy.
    However the interesting thing for me is the way that prostate and penile bulb focused pleasure waves build in me eventually becoming contractions of mind numbing euphoria.
    Mental – erotic preparation for a session for me is important. I used to get myself ready by watching porn. I find myself doing that less and less. What gets me really amped up is either writing about intimacy and sex or chatting with a male or female buddy about sex. With close friends I might engage in verbal sex play and shared fantasy. A couple of hours of that will prime my orgasm pump very adequately.
    I will typically hit the sack about 11 PM. I fall asleep easily. Most nights I will wake up at 3 AM at which time I might make the decision to do an A Less or an Aneros session. My Aneros are in a closet in our spare bedroom, easily accessible without disturbing my wife. If I opt for an Aneros session I will get up and get my Tempo or my Peridise. I use the condom method so I will go in the bathroom and set up the device and put my foot up on the toilet seat and insert it. I will then walk back to bed and get in. As those of you who read my posts already know my wife sleeps in a tee shirt with a bare derriere.
    Waking at this hour in the middle of the morning I usually have a rigid erection. I get back in bed and I slide up against my wife’s derriere. From 43 years of sleeping together it is pretty much routine. In the middle of the night when she feels me against her left side she will turn on to her right side so her back is towards me. It is a silent invitation to spoon her.
    For a 63 year old woman my wife is still very – very sexy. She is 6 foot tall, 34 – 28 – 36. Her derriere in particular is still firm, muscular and very curvy. To say it is an erotic attraction would be an understatement; it turns me on big time. So as I slide in behind her she expects to feel my hard cock in her ass crease. She has told me many times that she finds it to be very sensual feeling and erotically calming to feel my hot hardness cleaving her cheeks. I have gotten very adept at slipping my cockhead between her cheeks so that my cleft under the head of my cock is lodged up against the intense heat of her anus. Sometimes she is dreamily awake when I do this and sometimes she is asleep. She knows the pleasure I derive from this and enjoys the passive role that she plays in stirring my pleasure. This condition evokes amazing sensations and adds an additional level of eroticism to the moment.
    The impact on me when I do this )if I am juiced from a night of erotic activity( is the immediate make my anus spasm in a hard reflexive action. It will clamp down and open up in a metronome – like cadence. The pleasure with each recurring spasm is very – very mild but it grows as the spasms repeat themselves. Initially it is nothing more than a pleasant resonating sensation around my anal opening but it grows to be a radiating sensation of exquisite erotic desperation after a dozen or more spasms. With breathing that is measured to underscore the spasms that are contracting my anus they continue to grow in number, cadence and power; each one forcing me to accept it and savor it as it squeezes my anal canal.
    After 20 -30 minutes of savoring the wave like sets of anal pleasure spasms a transition begins to take place. With the growing anal pleasure I experience the world around me begins to drift away leaving me acutely aware of the pleasurable sensations that are pulsing strongly and growing in power in my anus. I find myself in a quiet serene place that is saturated with erotic sensation and surreal sexual imagery. The connection between my mind and my body at this point is clearly visible in my mind’s eye. Using mental imagery I can see the pleasure as an object inside my body that I can manipulate and modulate.
    I then will the reflexive convulsions of my anus to quell themselves and relax my contracting opening. Denying the growing orgasmic bliss an outlet causes them to grow exponentially, as if they were being frustrated and pent in. So as the contractions of my anus stop the pleasure in my anal canal grows and transforms itself into excruciating ecstasy. The pleasurable pulsing agony in my anal canal becomes like a booster rocket that propels me to mind numbing heights of pleasure. The blood is now thundering my ears as a subtle change begins in my anus.
    The tormenting ecstasy that has been centered in my anus now begins to move. It ripples deeply into my anal canal and abandons my anal opening which is now stilled as if it has been hypnotized. Settling on my prostate the pleasure beings to torment my gland coaxing it to twitch and convulse and radiate euphoric waves of erotic sensation to my perineum, just behind my balls. At the same time my cock root and penile bulb are gripped by exquisite tormenting pleasure. When this happens it is as if I have been thrust into the stratosphere. There is nothing around me and I am aware of nothing but the unmitigated rapture of hard orgasm. That sexual pleasure will assume a corporeal form; it will become the body of a man or woman that I find appealing. My pleasure then becomes that person and I watch them as they assume the sensations that I am feeling.
    At this point the session is like being in a small boat in a storm at sea. The term “tempest tossed” definitely applies here. In the deliriously sweet torture of pounding prostate orgasms, my penile bulb, perineum, root and cock head are all contracting and pumping wildly. Each contraction will send waves of white hot ecstasy to my brain, my skin and especially my nipples. At this point my nipples become turbo boosters that inflame the orgasms to gargantuan proportions when I tease or tweak them. As my body endures indescribably sweet erotic sensation my mind is stilled and numbed in bliss.
    Somewhere in the sequence of sensations I will have rolled away from my wife and will be pressing my cock head against the mattress. My cock slit will be drooling a stream of precum onto the sheets leaving a wet spot that will increase in size depending on how hold I lay there. The warm slippery sensation on my cock head from the slimed sheets adds to the pleasure that is now driving the waves.
    At this plateau I am not in control of the orgasms, they are in control of me. Time and place no longer exist. I will often see myself adrift in a sea of sensation with warm erotic water holding me afloat as I look into the darkened sky, each rolling wave promising to squeeze more and more hot wet pleasure from me. I should be scared at the setting but the agonizing ecstasy that continues to roll into my anus and grip my perineum and cock soothe my psyche and fill my mind with thoughts and images of sheer sexual bliss.
    As my pelvis and sex organs pulse and chime in a sweet chorus or tension and chilling rapture I often break into chills on my skin as my legs tremble and quiver. If I remain in this state of pleasure long enough, the sea I am in becomes a darkened room full of thousands of lights; each light representing the pleasurable spasms that are quietly working their magic deep inside my pelvis and torturing my penile bulb in pumping anguish. They are all inside me and I am surrounded by them at the same time.
    Usually when I am in this state the session will have continued for at least two hours straight or sometimes more. There is seldom any cessation of pleasurable sensation. All I feel is modulating levels of contractive bliss that move inside of me in mysterious pathways and cause my brain to be lulled into a serene sensual state of erotic sensation. When the pleasure is done with me it sets me down on the beach of my consciousness, in quiet aroused peace. My cock will be stone hard and my cock head will be coated in my precum.
    By this time the first light of dawn is usually breaking through the blinds and I drift off to sleep for another hour or two until the day begins.

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      07/04/2015at10:55 pm

      If that's what you call a plateau, lingaman, I wouldn't mind being on that plateau with you. Your powers of description keep getting even better!

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