• Super O has arrived

    After a pleasurable session with Progasm yet nothing out of the ordinary, I switched to Peridise and logged onto Chat. I noticed an often seen tag and proceeded to private chat. Simple polite conversation and questions rallied back and forth. We chatted as I rode and the Peridise picked up on the stimulating conversations.
    He began to tickle, and caress, and vibrate as our conversation heated up. I began to describe the sensations and my new companion offered suggestions and direction and winks. This chat also includes a new flow thru penis plug and I described it how it works and what it was doing to me at the time. Each description led to more activity between Paridise, me, and my chat partner. As things were getting intense my partner insinuated that the plug was helping and I so agreed and described how it was vibrating inside my cock making my tip tingle in unison with the Paridise.
    P-waves, Pre-cum, Dry o's, began to flow and cascade through my loins. They continued to cycle adding more and more sensations and levels of want for more. The fluid running through the plug warmed it and tickled the urethra. Things were building to levels I've never experienced before and my chatting partner kept encouraging me by letting me know yes I'm "headed" in the right direction. I experienced more than one wet orgasm intensified by the plug as it ramped up the velocity of the cum as it exited and warmed its hollow design.
    Then as sensations continued to cascade over one another, getting stronger, more frequent, my body shaking, and moving involuntarily. I began to experience an indescribable sense of pleasure, of exhilaration, of rest, of calm, of peace, countered with the need to laugh. The calmness and pleasure continued for minutes and still is here as I write. More sensations of internal vibrations, and quiet O's with more P-waves returned from time to time less urgent, more soothing.
    I'm still glowing inside, and my loins are yearning for another session like this. What a new threshold to obtain. It's so uncanny how this little toy coupled with my hollow penis plug can bring such bliss for such a long period of time. I'm putting a big star on my calendar with a smiley next too it. Only I will know the significance of it and that's all that matters.

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      12/27/2014at11:56 am

      Congrats and welcome to the club!

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