• Super-O (but wet)

    Pretty certain I had my first Super O today – although it wasnt entire body and was wet on the end – but definite groin to shoulder & knee sensation and still lingering ‘glow’ feeling after 30 minutes.
    Have been having consistent wet Os for a while now with Progasm – really enjoy them and working on holding the O off. Today was a little different with just nudging it along and watching an amazing asian girl on porn – instead of focusing on the cliff, I was just nudging and nudging and encouraged the O to come… and it was good. Its not one of those hollywood OMG scenes – but rather a nustle into the pillow and ride it out. Great fun and could have easily gone for another but had to stop… now enjoying a beer and the ‘glow’ effect!

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      12/17/2016at2:32 pm

      @JD05 congratulations on your first Super-O! Now that the ice has been broken, you will continue to flourish in the world of bliss. Thank you for sharing and please continue to do so.
      Life is wonderful!

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