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    Since my first entry in May when I reached my first Super O, many other sessions have followed. Not every session was 'out of the world' but still good. But frequently I have had the gift of a Super O. Every time this has happened, it felt as good as the first time. The moment the orgasm happens it is like being in a dream, just amazing what my body can experience by simply letting go, relaxing, breathing. Key is observing rather than trying to achieve something.
    The reason I decided to add a new entry to my blog is the following. Often after having had a Super O, the next day I am still so excited I want more. This however means expectations… And as I wrote in my first blog, rule number one is DROP expectations. Because as soon as I start a session with the idea of repeating with what I felt the day before it is most of the time not happening. The mind is very important in all this I realise more and more. I now try to limit my aneros sessions to once or max twice a week. Meanwhile Aless sessions become more intense. Which I enjoy more and more.
    While chatting here I sometimes get the impression some men have a frequent number of sessions desperately looking for the super O. But looking for it, even if you have had a super O experience, is expecting it… is in my opinion a bad start. Start each session with an open mind, each session brings new sensations. If reaching a super o was easy and could be done just like that, it would be no fun anymore. Like a quick wank and cum. Nice but forgettable. So enjoy every ride, no matter if it leads to a super O. You may then find a Super is just around the corner… when you least expect it.
    And make sure there are no time constraints. If I start a session knowing I only have 60 minutes.. my mind then says I need to hurry up… quick results needed! Most of the time not a good start either.


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      10/07/2015at1:14 pm

      Right on about the "relax and don't chase it" advice. That was a huge stumbling block for me too, and I still occasionally fall prey to it.
      Focusing on what's happening and following it, rather than chasing some elusive expectation, has produced some REALLY great times and experiences.
      There's so much pleasurable stuff to discover that it makes up for not having a Super-O. I've a buddy who has ED because his wife isn't a playboy model. But, if he could just enjoy what he has!! he'd have a whole lotta FUN!! and she'd END UP being better than a playboy model to him because of all the good times they had…

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      03/05/2016at8:29 am

      Hello, I did read your blog and since that I am new to the aneros scene I'm just curious to know more about this super O session maybe you can explain that to me in the chat room when you visit again, okay. Newbie

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      01/28/2017at9:47 pm

      gdunn, just finished reading your blog and am very much looking forward to my very first super-O. No matter how long it takes I am not going to try to rush anything. Knowing that it took you two years to achieve your first super-O helps me to realize that this is something that cannot be rushed but must be allowed to happen when it happens and that by becoming totally relaxed and allowing the sensation to come to you through patience by remaining calm and at peace while learning to experience any and all sensations as they arrive. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me and explain your circumstances while learning to achieve your many super-O’s to date.

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