• Sunday Ecstasy

    Sunday Morning January 5, 2014
    We had fully intended to make love last night but we got interested in a movie on TV and before it was over it was 12 midnight and we were both exhausted. Age has not denied me my ability to perform sexually but it has sapped some of my energy. So we fell asleep cuddling and kissing.
    So it was no surprise that at 6 AM when I woke with a rigid cock that my mind and my prostate were set on MMO. She was half awake so I cuddled up to her and whispered in her ear that I was going to MMO on her and asked her to roll over on her side to let me spoon her. She kissed me and whispered sure; I think she was glad she could just lay there and doze.
    As she rolled over I pulled her nightgown up to her waist to expose her lovely derriere. At 62 her rear is still as firm and curvaceous as it was 30 years ago. I sleep nude so I was ready for business immediately. I sidled up to her and slid my erection in between her rear cheeks. The warm caress of her ass always turns me on immediately; in no time my anus was spasming in sweet orgasmic pulses. I breathed deeply but quietly into each orgasmic pulse as they squeezed my anal canal, coaxing the delightful bliss to link from one spasm to the next. I kissed the nape of her neck as I embraced her from the rear and rode the exquisite waves of pleasure from crest to crest. For a full thirty minutes I floated in surreal sensual erotic anguish as MMO rippled in my anal canal.
    Either out of boredom or out of arousal she decided to turn around to kiss me on the lips. As she disengaged my cock from her ass my MMO convulsions continued but the ebbed to low boil after I felt her skin move away from my cockhead.
    Over the last three years she has become more involved in my mmo sessions. Initially it was as an observer but in the last year or so, on 5 or 6 occasions she was a participant. On those occasions I had MMO orgasms in her pussy as she laid perfectly still. Those MMO’s are some of the most intense ones I had ever experienced, until the one I did this morning.
    Because she was as aroused as I was and her confidence was buoyed by her involvement in my MMO’s in the past year or so she kissed me and whispered to me that she had an idea. She asked me to kneel on the bed on all fours with my knees spread. I have learned over the years when it comes to sex I never question her. I am just so thankful that she has come out of herself and is as open and confident as she is I never ask why when she asks me to do something. Complying, I got on all fours with my head resting on my pillow at the headboard. My anal canal was still vibrating and twitching involuntarily from the 30 minutes of MMO that I had just finished.
    She uncovered us, exposing me in my naked somewhat vulgar position of exposing my asshole and letting my heavy erection be suspended between my thighs. She was in her nightgown which she supplemented with a robe from next to the bed. She is perpetually cold. Lying on her back she slid her head between my knees on the mattress and asked me to lower my cock to her mouth. I was already aroused from the MMO’s but this position and this request turned me on more than I can put into words. I felt both her hands on my ass cheeks as she slid underneath me.
    Just as I lowered my cockhead into her mouth she asked me if I thought I could MMO in her mouth. The thought of it was so incredibly arousing my anus began to twitch rhythmically just at the thought before the tip of my penis even touched her lips. My response was a mutted MMMMMMMM. So as I gingerly parted my legs to lower my rigid cock into her mouth she grasped the base of my shaft to guide my cockhead onto her tongue; just lay still I instructed her.
    I felt my sensitive cleft slide past her soft lips and dip into the warmwet caress of her mouth. I rested my cock head on her tongue as she cradled my frenular cleft with it. The sensation was of divine agony. I was as if my cock the center of a vortex and the pleasure was being sucked from throughout my body to swirl out of my body through my cock. My anus started pumping wildly sending ripples of excruciating pleasure up in my canal to coax my prostate pulsing with sympathetic bliss. Chimes of ecstasy were ringing in my anal tract, perineum and cock in a rhythmic sequence as I felt her gently suck on my corona like it was a pacifier. I struggled to maintain a still posture and not succumb to the limbic urge I had to thrust and mouth fuck her. Instead I breathed deeply and evenly and surrendered my anus to the torrent of pleasure that was filling my anus and seemed to be rushing out of my cock.
    I was being drawn ever so slowly into that place in my consciousness that I retreat to when MMO bliss is filling my body and mind and lulling me into hazy erotic oblivion. However I was startled from my orgasmic reverie by the feeling of a finger touching my aching -spasming anal opening. It was her finger gently massaging around my opening teasing and tantalizing the sensitive skin that was puffing in and out with each orgasmic contraction.
    I groaned as I felt the exquisite pleasure of having an anal massage, she knows how much I love to have that done, but having an anal massage during an MMO was something very special. With renewed vigor and anguished resolve my anus and perineum began to contract and flex in and out in sweet ecstasy as the MMO pleasure escalated and amplified. The rhythm of the convulsing pleasure accelerated. The tantalizing sensation of her finger on my pink puckered anus as it was tingling and vibrating with the sweet anguish of orgasm made it difficult to maintain an even breathing pattern.
    I lost all sense of reality as almost intolerable pleasure began to concentrate in my cock. Each orgasmic spasm made my anus clanch and simultaneously made my rigid penis lurch backwards. She maintained her suction on it as I expressed a steady stream of my precum into her mouth.
    Just as I thought that this was the purest and most intense orgasmic sensation I would ever experience it got even better. Unbidden I felt her hand that had been holding my shaft let it go to next let its presence be know on my left nipple, the more sensitive and responsive of the two.
    I struggle here to come up with a verbal analogy to describe the sensation that followed. The best I can do is suggest that it was like sitting on a 747 at the start of the runway with my orgasmic engines whining. Then as her finger pinched and toggled my nipple, the simultaneous sensation of pleasure on my anus was amplified by my nipple. My orgasmic engine thundered to life in a shuddering roar as I felt the orgasmic spasms shift from rhythmic pumping to rapid fire jack hammering.
    I was being hurtled down an orgasmic runway as gathering pleasure thrust me forward out of my control; I was going to take off and thrust to an unknown destination. All I knew was that it felt agonizingly pleasurable. The sensation of rising and falling pleasure waves shifted to hard and accelerating spasms of sheer sexual ecstasy. They were pushing me higher and higher into the sky.
    The machine gun like orgasms were so profound and hard that I couldn’t exert any mental control; all I could do was attempt to exert my meager ability to maintain a sense of reality.
    With the screaming rumbling cascade of orgasms pulsing in my cock and prostate and filling my throbbing pelvis I buried my face in my pillow and screamed. It was the only time in my life that I have screamed in the pleasure from sexual sensation. I cursed and moaned as my prostate pumped so hard I feared it might burst. My ears thundered in the roar of extreme sexual ecstasy.
    As my anus opened and closed in involuntary convulsions of orgasmic anguish, I felt her finger slide tenderly into it. My anus clamped onto the intruding finger and grasped it like a calf finding a full teat on an udder. My asshole sucked her finger feverishly.
    Chills of erotic rapture ran up my spine and the skin all over my body began to tingle. I was immobilized and helpless and being fucked by her finger as orgasm held me frozen to her invading digit. Orgasm in its most intense power had ruthlessly seized control of my body and was not relinquishing it. I was like a rag doll being shaken by a dog. She told me that it was only ten minutes of the simultaneous stimulation of my anus and nipple but it seemed like hours.
    My balls were so full when it was over that when she released me from her mouth and caressed my balls with one hand as she milked my cock with the other, I released a thick hot rope of cum all over her tits. That was at 7 AM this morning. It is 12 noon now and my anus is humming and my balls ache from the workout I got 5 hours earlier.
    After a 20 minute cuddle I returned the favor to her but that description will follow in the next post.

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