• Sudden Super-O In A Chair

    Hi Folks, I’m still flabbergasted by my last night experience. Writing some comment about reaching a Super-O in the forum and almost meditating about this, hard trying to feel deeply inside me just to be able to tell about the feelings leading me there I was concentrating on these feelings about perhaps 15 minutes. Then sitting there on my chair in jeans and shirt typing my comment a sudden super-o came over me out of nearly nothing, without any foreplay or stimulation than having in mind my Super-Os of the past. All at once I found myself winding, squirming and writhing in sexual bliss reaching a first Super-O that after a short break was followed by an un-be-lie-vable series of Super-Os along with a raging hard-on bulging my jeans. I was and still am fully overwhelmed by this, I had no chance to concentrate on my work today, having Aless moments all the day. I am all rund down, but perfectly happy. Oh yeah!


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      11/08/2016at11:03 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros good for you! As I said before, it’s great to read about your phenomenal success. I’m not there yet but I share your pleasure! It does give me something (many things) to look forward to. Enjoy your good vibes and keep writing.

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      11/09/2016at4:04 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, Yes, chairgasms can be very intense. I’ve noticed that a particular chair will put more pressure on my prostate. The interesting thing about this is that, depending on your Aneros history, these Aless chairgasms seemingly can overtake you at any time. It all depends on what your prostate wants. So stay tuned for more….

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