• Stroking to a dry orgasm

    I don’t ever touch my penis during Aneros sessions, but after reading a post on the forums where the user was stroking the base of their shaft, I decided to give it a try mid-session with my helix trident inserted. I have had dry orgasms with Aneros models and vibrating massagers but this time it’s quite a different experience when I am actively stroking the base of the penis.

    First up, I noticed that stroking the base of the penis and staying about half an inch away from the penis head doesn’t build the pleasure anywhere as fast as stroking the head but it still feels good. By stroking low, it also engages the balls and perhaps stimulates the perineum area a bit. I noticed that when I started to stroke the base like in regular masturbation, the pace was fast and the pleasure was felt in the penis. Following this, I slowed down the pace and focused my attention deeper into the prostate. I think that because this builds arousal so slowly, it is easier to control the orgasm when it arrives.

    Not too long after stroking the base with the helix trident inserted, I had an orgasm that is exactly like my normal ejaculatory orgasm but without the ejaculate. I was stroking the base of my penis throughout the orgasm. When I was orgasming I looked at my penis and I noticed that it was throbbing as the PC muscles were squeezing super hard and I could feel the energy rushing through the penis with each very distinct pulse but nothing was coming out. This was truly a dry orgasm, if I weren’t looking I would swear I just came! I suppose that the PC muscles were clenching down hard enough to prevent ejaculation because the orgasm was mostly felt in the penis just like in traditional orgasms.

    I tried to replicate this again, when the orgasm came, I managed to hold it in for a few pulses but I stroked too fast and let out 2 white drops of cum, but I clenched down on the muscles and the cum stopped flowing out. Thanks to Aneros, I have better control over my orgasms now. It is fascinating to see and feel a regular orgasm happen with no ejaculation occurring!

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