• Still on the Journey

    Hey everyone,
    I'm still on the Journey and only a few minor things to report.
    Firstly, I have sessions nearly everyday but the weekends are a family bust- which makes the Monday or Tuesday a little special.
    Secondly, I continue to not obtain the erection and the mental excitement is less fantasy and more direct visual (eg searching for the right porn) which is a distraction but fun too since I can tie p-waves directly with the right visual.
    Thirdly, have had several HFWOs – running probably 10% but seem to be more frequent- about 1/2 of those generate an actual moan of pleasure and the distinct feeling of ejaculation from my penis tip is amazing- and a mix of amazing pleasure and disappointment that its wet (but hey! Still HF). I try to limit my hip thrusting which brings on the HFWO along with nip stim, and move internally.
    Most importantly, there is progress as the buildup of sensations is within a few minutes vs the previous normal of about 40.
    I really look forward to my sessions and try not to super-T but once or twice a week.
    Happy hunting!

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