• Still new to this

    So this is ny first blog entry.
    I got my Aneros Black Ice about 10 days ago. So far its been a little bit frustrating. Although many times I have pleasurable sensations, no orgasms.
    The best feeling I get is sometimes between like 4-6minutes after inserting the Progasm I do the “Do nothing” method. And I will have this deep numbing and tickling feeling deep inside me which feels amazing but its not nearly as intense as a “traditional” orgasm that I am use to. This feeling usually ades away within a maximum of 5 minutes. The rest of my session is then dull with no feelings what so ever.
    In some sessions when I reach this point I start doing contractions and when I apply some pressure with my sphincter muscle and maintain a constant pressyre I can apply pressure on the prostate which then feels like it starts to “bounce”. This might be spasm. When this happens it feels like my genitals “jumps” almost as if an electric current is being introduced and I experienced little shocks. These “jumps” then become more intence and it feels like it MIGHT transform into some kind of orgasm but it never does and this sensation does not feel pleasurable. In fact, I feel nothing when this happens…
    I have also tried the method posted by @crimsonwolf with the relaxation and the the Trinity while on my back which I also did not experience anything with… Maybe I was not patient enough I am not sure.
    I have also tried it in the bath ha! Which yielded no results.
    I am a bit frustrated but then again I havent been doing this for long at all and maybe this whole re-wiring thing is still in process.
    I hope I will have some pleasurable experiences with my new toy in the future!
    Greetings to all my fellow Aneros peoples

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