• Still here with an adjustment onto the back and new audio

    Still here and still enjoying the rides but no super O as of yet.
    However, I decided to stop the porn and switched to Binaural Beats for HFO via youtube. Its great audio and really is just enough to keep the mind focused and not distracted- and I find myself keeping the intensity dialled into the audio with great effect.
    I’ve also stopped the left side position and am now on my back, large rolled towel under my hips and knees slightly spread with feet pulled up near my bottom and head without pillow. This has definitetly allowed the involuntaries to freely kick in and a different experience.
    I also can’t wait for the Trident series to get to europe early Jan. I enjoy both tabs on the PJr so believe lots of value will be derivd from their inclusion.
    Happy riding everyone!

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      12/15/2017at5:18 am

      I’m in New Zealand so waiting for the trident range to arrive here wasn’t an option so purchased mgx and maximus from aneros. Arrived within 4 days. Definitely worth the purchase.

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