• still here but less riding Kegel helps?

    I’ve lost some of the faith for the SO but still really enjoy the riding and now have a new job that is a big time suck.
    HOWEVER…. I have noticed something very strange lately – instead of a a-ride, I have just masturbated with porn once a week or two weeks. I am married but heading for a divorce and seeing another woman that we will start an affair soon – this idea of being with her and while I masturbate less frequently has led some very powerful orgasms – tingles all over, breathe taken away and head nearly hitting the desk (if I am sitting) – I am assuming that my PC/kegels are much stronger than ever and am wondering if others have noticed a much longer/deeper/tingle than normal masturbation- it really feels like the p-spot is activated and driving this? If so, happy man!

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