• still dry

    So its day two and I am still dry. Well I'm pre cumming right now from the a-less session I'm having but I have not had a wet orgasm in two days. But last night was so hard. I mean really I was so damn hard. I started my session at 10 p.m.. and was sleeping with my helix syn. Now when I build up to the orgasm im soft but then when I'm at the top I begin to pulsate and rise like a bean stalk. My dick was just moving by its self. It was flinging back and forth slinging pre cum all over my legs and stomach. I also had a cock ring on too. Bad mistake when your trying not to cum. But I really wanted to push my self to see if I had self control to not cum.
    I was backing away from those orgasms very slowly. Any false move or a extra thrust and It would have been a major spill. But I was keeping calm and just kept riding. Mind you I wasn't even touching my penis at that time. Then I began to jack and edge my penis while I rode my beautiful Helix Syn with a cock ring listening to aneros mp3's. I was so boned up flopping and jacking and moaning. I had to cover my mouth cause I was beginning to become loud. I was soaking my sheets with sweat and pre cum but none of the good stuff yet. But I want to cum so bad. I wouldn't let my dick go. I found out that if you trust up with the device in it will really hit it hard and good.
    So I'm thrusting and shaking and jacking and really wanting to cum but I back off again. I see time is flying by. Its not 1:43 a.m. I decided to stop jacking and finally go to sleep. So I take the cock ring off and put on a mp3 I have of 12 hours of ocean crashing waves. I feel like it really helps me calm down the sessions and really gives me a nice peaceful feeling. So I'm laying down still with the helix in. Had orgasms for the rest of the morning til I officially woke up.
    So from 2 a.m. til 9:30 a.m. I was a orgasming fool. But no wetness so I am very happy.

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