• Starting out on the journey…

    I literally got here in the strangest of ways. It started with a stop at a sex shop to purchase a pocket pussy. I decided to buy one of those $25 special wands on the side because I’ve put little objects in my butt while beating off before. Got home, used it while spanking, whatever. I felt like it wasn’t enough or there had to be more. Jumped online but didn’t do my homework so you know I then made my 2nd mistake (of sorts) and bought my first prostate massager. I’ll spare the details but it has a few pretty neat features and is a bit big. After purchasing this thing online I actually started doing my homework. Started looking at how some are aimed at beginners and others are aimed at more experienced only to discover my incoming toy is a bit large. Up until now, my experiences haven’t been anything more than my finger, maybe a sharpie, or that new wand so I knew I needed something a bit more friendly to start out.

    This is where Aneros comes into my life. Reading several “best of” articles, I see the Helix time and time again and it’s being touted as a good product, and good for newbies such as myself. I ran back to the sex shop with the helix on my phone for verification, they were sold out, but their sister store had some Aneros products, but just not the Helix. I was committed. All that reading about butt play with amazing orgasms beyond what I had known, the drive into the city, and now this… So I bought the DeVice and once again did it without looking at dimensions.

    I am now a week in with the DeVice and that other toy has arrived. It’s bigger than the DeVice and is actually sitting sidelines as I’ve used it once and it was a bit too much for now. The DeVice however has grown on me rather quickly. I was actually surprised with how it sucked itself in and was ready for use. With it has come a few new sensations but nothing huge. I’ve definitely noticed a bit of a lingering tender emptiness the day after use. Not quite a pain, and probably even a bit shy of discomfort, but like a good discomfort. I feel it has been feeding into a desire to play some more.

    So I ordered the Helix Trident Syn directly from Aneros so I can have something that sounds/looks less aggressive for continued play on days when I’m tender. Of course Aneros also has the Progasm sale and I’m a sucker for deals so I ordered one of those, too. The Progasm just might spend some extended time on a shelf here…

    I think that brings me current as of now.

    I didn’t expect a journey. I didn’t read into any of what I’ve read the last 7 days and I honestly had no idea. I’m starting this journey though. I’m pretty sure I have the arsenal to get there and I’m committed.

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      05/09/2021at3:41 pm

      Wow atleast you have started. I am a newbie as well. I just got helix syn trident and had like four sessions in last month . You really need some extra time to do it but it is such a fun. Unfortunately I do not get too much free and private time. I have been massaging my ass muscles for some time before getting this toy so this toy is a great fit. I am trying to learn from blogs as much as possible. Even if I do not get super o it will be a great time. Keep me posted with your progress. I am curious to see how others start this journey. Have fun and be happy.

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