• Start of new chapter

    This is going to be the documentation of a new chapter in my sexuality. How I got here can be found in this thread on the forum.

    I got time today to try out my new pleasure tools. I have purchased both the helix & mgx just to have variety. I woke up early (5:30) before she did, was excited for my first attempt. prepped the mgx first as it looked smaller in size even though I have read it really isn’t. I went back to bed and relaxed. After about 10 minutes I no longer felt the “full feeling” in fact I didn’t feel it at but I could feel it moving up/down with each contraction/release. I tried both sides and my back, nothing. I reached down and rubbed my perineum to see if it was the same place as the p-tab location and it was (this solidifies my earlier thoughts that’s what I was stimulating before, the fabled sweet spot) as I started to get the tingle. I decided to just lay there and try the do nothing approach, let my body get used to this foreign object pressing on my prostate. I must have dozed off because I woke about an hour later to this feeling of waves or better description pulses enveloping my body. At first I thought it was my heart pounding causing the pulses but when I focused on my heart beat. I found it wasn’t beating that hard or that fast. These pulses were coming twice as fast as my heart beat and before I knew it they were gone. No tingling or electric feeling, just pulses. I tried light contractions to see if I could bring them back but no luck. It was 8:30 and I had things to do so I cleaned up.

    Around lunch she wasn’t feeling well and went to bed so I decided to try the helix. I found this one to be much more mobile and more filling feeling than the mgx and also found the p-tab to not drive in so deep, no pain or discomfort was felt with the mgx just an observation. Laid on the couch and ran thru some contraction/release along with alternating some do nothing. I started to get some electric tingle in my prostate each time it slid up (I can really feel the helix moving) but did not progress to any more than that. I did find the level of contraction needed to invoke the flutter of muscles and tried like hell to hold that but found it to be very difficult to maintain as I either tensed more or loosened up. I decided to stop after 90 minutes. Let my body process what has happened today.

    I think it was a good start as I am having to sort of retrain myself as I have learned to release all tension in my groin to bring about orgasm while massaging externally as I found at the time the fluttering of my rectal/perineum muscles to be a no gain step at that time, makes me wish I hadn’t but on the flip side I most likely never would have pursued this if I hadn’t had an orgasm the other way.

    She went to bed around 8:30 so I decided to “play w/ myself” and see what would come of it since I still had the feeling of having a tool in my butt. Every contraction felt just like the helix was moving inside me from several hours prior. This feeling was not discomfort or an aching, just a full feeling that felt surprisingly good even after 6 hours, most likely from knowing what could occur. I started w/ some light stroking to get the feelings going. Since starting this new journey I have been trying to pay closer attention to what my body will say to me instead of just going for the prize. I have found that now not only do I get some sensations from what is left of my frenulum but I have also started to notice sensations from the lateral line going down the bottom side of my cock to about half way down the shaft, the top and sides are still numb from the ridge line down though. I just enjoyed the sensations for a while. I tried to keep from getting to the point that an orgasm was starting to build to just hone in on these feelings. After about 45 minutes I slipped down for some external prostate massage like I have done many times before. After about 15 minutes of stroking or rubbing I don’t know how to describe the motion I use I could feel things start to change and fell into this electric charge feeling. The tingling started at the sweet spot as to be expected. It than progressed inside to include my prostate that I could feel starting to engorge more fully. The tingle than went backwards to my anus and extended to part of both cheeks. I than felt the tingle start to rise up the shaft of my cock till it reached the tip. Once there the feeling than changed slightly to feel like a charged ball dancing between the tip of my cock down the urethra thru the prostate and to my anus than bouncing back up to the tip. The only way to describe this feeling is that of a tens unit but not just static between 2 points. The intense point kept moving from end to end. This lasted for almost 2 hours. I think my fingers were starting to get tired even though they were only moving fractions of an inch but keeping the constant steady motion needed to maintain this lovely feeling going as it just faded away like it started. Its 11:30 so time to go to bed.

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