• Start of 3rd attempt

    Oops. Was having sex with the boyfriend and having lots of multiple orgasms. Just stopped or did one wrong move and triggered the ejaculation reflex. Nothing came out, but know there was a contraction or two at the base of my spine / pumping for at least a second. Lost my erection for a few min. Got it back and finished fucking (without cumming).
    Wasn’t sure if I actually came. But the loss of erection and slight feeling of a release now, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to consider that an ejaculation and start from the beginning. I sorta feel some loss of sexual energy. Although I wonder if because it was just a small short feeling of ejacukating I was able to stop, maybe physically I’ll recover faster?
    So starting 3rd attempt today. Dammit! This is harder than it sounded.

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