• SR how long is too long?

    I recently ended an almost 5 week run without ejaculating. The initial urge eventually subsided and I was carried the rest of the way by some wonderfully high level constant arousal. During that time I passed another milestone, quite unintentionally I achieved a Super O by tickling my upper palate with my tongue, some Kegels and nipple play. But eventually I found the constant arousal exhausting, always high and horny takes its toll! Don’t think I will have an extended run as long as that again though, for me I feel that maybe 7 to 11 days is optimum.


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      01/06/2019at11:55 am

      @Harper Congratulations on your accomplishment! I am curious, though: did you experience any wet dreams during those 5 weeks? My “optimum” duration now is about 8 or 9 days.

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      01/06/2019at3:35 pm

      @goldenboy. Never a sign of a wet dream. Haven’t had one since my youth. During some sessions I felt that sensation of being about to ejaculate but never quite made it : (

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      04/21/2020at6:32 am

      Not sure how long is too long! Have been going without for several months now and have experienced lots of new feelings not before felt! Waves radiating from lowers back into scrotum into balls and cock root and back up to tail bone! Throw in some nipple play and am in pleasure land!

    • simplepenguin

      06/26/2020at4:03 pm

      Very much enjoying your blog. Thank you.

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