• SR Day 10, 500 Kegels and the Florida Turnpike

    So this entire week I have been holding firm to the 500 kegels every morning. On top of that I hit a new SR milestone of day 10. Day 10 seems different. From the moment I woke up from my heavily sexual dream I felt tingling all over. I finished my crossfit workout with a lot of energy left and got in my car and started to do my kegels.

    From the very first one I felt an insurmountable wave of pleasure. It was unbelievable. By the time I got to 20 its almost as if my body took over and just started to lightly brush against my prostate. I barely had to do anything. In fact I can feel that my prostate is larger and juicier than normal. I know this because even the lightest of kegels and I can feel it and its pulsing and feels ready to burst.

    All this time I am just driving through my normal streets trying to get to the turnpike. Even though I was feeling pleasure I always get to some pleasure state while doing this. Only once I got a Super-O while driving and that was basically in my neighborhood.

    Today made twice.

    I got to about the 300 mark…and then things kicked into overdrive. I started to feel the familiar tingling and in my attempt to try and make it stop I attacked my prostate from a different angle and I went into full involuntary contractions that intensified. I gripped my wheel and forced my eyes to stay open on the road and I started to moan uncontrollably.

    I felt that orgasmic feeling wash over me…again…and again…and again….and it felt so amazing. The pleasure was increasing and I was screaming dont stop…dont stop…dont stop….everything around me went in slow motion.

    And then a series of explosions…I mean it was a crazy amount of pleasure. I literally started to cry…like real tears. I was whimpering. I thought for a split second to just pull over…and the minute I did that…the pleasure came crashing down. Boom….nothing…silence…me breathing heavy was the only thing that could be heard. I released my grip from the steering wheel. Tingling all over my body. I was in complete amazement.


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      12/07/2018at1:09 pm

      Simply Amazing Bro. What a transformation in your life. I enjoy your blog of amazing sexual delight and fulfillment.

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      12/10/2018at7:09 pm

      Cheers. I just figured out how to view comments. LOL

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