• Sprinkles and Tips

    Sprinkles and Tips – sounds like an English dessert, doesn't it?
    Well, it was a dessert, of sorts. Delicious, decadent, filling, and down right tasty.
    Sprinkles – My sessions always include a lovely dose of pre-cum. The added frivolity with this session was that in the midst of orgasmic craziness, my flailing penis was lawn sprinkler-esque in its distribution of this lovely fluid. When the Supers hit, I felt droplets landing all over my hyper-sensitive skin. I had to chuckle.
    Tips – With prostate orgasms, for me, my penis is rarely a pleasure center. But during today's fun, I felt a distinct sensation in the head of my dick that felt as if I was for certain going to have a hands free wet orgasm. It was tingly and pulsing from the opening to the ridge. An altogether nice feeling. It lasted for several minutes and I never shot )thankfully(.
    Other than this "dessert," my session was the run of the mill type with wild thrashings, screams, moans, a hard-to-soft/soft-to-hard member, light headedness, laughter, blissful seizures, and the like.

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