• Spiral in the journey and thoughts

    I suppose I started out with the wrong mindset just as many do… I thought prostate massage was as easy as rubbing one out.

    Boy was I wrong.

    I’ve been at it for about a month and I’ve already spent more than intended on various toys. I suppose my thought pattern was along the lines of making it easier. One could even say cheating…

    I bought a dildo. Nothing special, just 5 insert able inches of artificial veiny goodness. I thought if I could coax an orgasm I might have a better idea of what to look for. Whether I was unable or unwilling to fuck myself hard enough is hard to tell. Out of a handful of uses, once I was pounding away until I just couldn’t, I pulled it out, and the sensations of all those veins coming out caused body wide tingles and I just had to sit there a minute as I felt a wave of peace pass over my body. Otherwise, I generally feel like the dildo just gapes me for another toy.

    The toy it prepared me for most would be the first massager I purchased. A vibrating massager that also has a thumping motion. I originally ordered this online without taking the time to consider the most important thing… Circumference. That’s what led me to Aneros. I felt a need to open up a bit to better utilize the vibrator. Once, this vibrating massager had me on the cusp of something amazing. I was in thump mode and had the smallest amount of precum. Literally just enough to fill my cock to the tip… But I lost it. Didn’t go over the edge or anything. Maybe I focused too much?

    These sensations and feelings just bring me back to my Aneros toys. I’ve come to develop much more complex views of them. I love the intensity of the Progasm. It makes its presence known. Unfortunately the k-tab is a bit of a pain in the ass. If only it shot out straight instead of the upward curve. That would allow more of a forward lean which could drastically improve stimulation.

    Then there’s the DeVice… Being the first Aneros I purchased, it was purchased because of namesake and because the store didn’t have a Helix. I find this toy to be kind of awkward but it has grown on me. The tip is more leaned back but I feel like it can adjust to some nice angles during kegels. Of all my plug style toys, it has the widest base and as such keeps my hole open most while inserted. It’s a nice feeling to clench down on from time to time.

    Through use of these toys, I grew curious of standard plugs. What would insertion/wearing feel like? Plus if I got something with a sizeable diameter, it only makes sense that it would make other toys insert more easily, right?

    So I bought a standard no frills plug. The one thing I noticed with it (aside from a small jump in diameter) is that when it pops into place, for a brief moment, it makes me its bitch. If it’s the first thing I insert, I find I instinctively lean forward and catch myself on my bed from a standing position, as soon as it pops into resting position. My only complaint is length and the tip. It brings a poking sensation that van vary between exciting and uncomfortable. It’ll probably get replaced by something a tad shorter.

    Continuing my search for the p-spot orgasm, I ordered the fabled Njoy Pure Wand. This thing is sure to tickle what my fingers and everything else can’t reach. It came in (literally) yesterday and I spent some time last night and this morning exploring myself with it. There are some amazing sensations to be had with it as it definitely rubs some spots in amazing ways. It’ll take some time to master as I’ll find the spot and get some good strokes/pleasure… Then it’s like the spot moves away. Like flirting with a girl during our school age days.

    Knowing the wand had a 1.5″ head and thinking “bigger might be better”, I ordered the snug plug 3. This thing is a mixed bag. It was a tight fit and definitely made me a little more prepared for the big head on the wand but it brings more of a naughty feeling than anything else. It feels interesting during kegels but not so much geared towards the prostate. I feel full and my hole feels bored. While standing, it causes the occasional sensation of dropping an inch but touching the base shows it hasn’t moved outward. A quick kegel will return it to the same feeling until it drops again. It’s pretty awesome for use during masturbation and it makes me wish I had a girlfriend. I’d fuck her brains out with this in my ass… At least that’s how I feel.

    Through all this, I’ve learned water based lube is not my friend. I was chaffing at the hole. To make matters worse, water on a silicone dildo had the sensation of the dildo doing small jumps along the length of the shaft. I felt all the jumps in waves similar to how a centipede’s legs walk. I’ve since moved on to boy butter and bought a lube launcher. Now my hole invites my toys in and everything from the dildo to the massagers has smoother and more fluid mobility. I suppose an initial pre-play warmup gape from the plug helps a bit but in the end, the butter doesn’t leave my hole uninviting the following day.

    My last and officially favorite toy is my Helix though… As I type this blog, I’m wearing him. He kisses the prostate. He reminds me that women can be sincere when they say size doesn’t matter. He’s the little guy of the bunch but he gives these tickles and kisses that are so gentle yet satisfying. The other night I was on my belly, eyes closed, having a session… I was getting just the right tickles. I’m pretty sure I caught some p-waves as I found myself instinctively tense in the stomach/back and I forced myself to relax while simultaneously doing kegels. That’s when I found some very gentle waves going over my body. Still no super O but it definitely has me loving the Helix most. In fact, he’s been in me the whole time I’ve been typing this.

    I’m enjoying this journey and looking forward to the end. I told myself “no more new toys until you have a good orgasm”. I’m also past the point of self conflict. I’m a hetero male who enjoys butt play and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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