• Spine Tingling Excitement!

    Another interesting day.
    Last night I tried to have a session at bedtime, but it just fizzled out. It started OK. I had felt pwaves driving about 12 hours earlier in the day, but wasn't feeling horny at the moment. So did a bunch of PC contractions and did feel the prostate warming up.
    Used nipple stim and a new thing I learned from @Turnrow which is to rub/squeeze/stroke the base of the penis shaft. Was first time trying that, and I was getting really strong pwaves from both the nipples and the penis, but took maybe 15 minutes before any DO took off. Then had maybe another 15 minutes of Dos – nothing great, then it just seemed to fizzle out.
    My prostate/groin area just felt like it was overworked – fatigued – not sore, but spent. So rolled over and went to sleep.
    But then in the morning, I woke up and was just lying there and fingering my penis as I like ot do (just enjoy feeling the curves and different skin types…Guess I'd be doing that to breasts too if there were any next to me – grin). Anyway, so out of nowhere, an short orgasmic feeling starts up, but immediately my PC muscles clamp down and it's gone! AARRGGHH.
    This has happened over a couple days recently, and I'd seen it mentioned on the forum – I think by @Crimsonwolf ?? I'd then started practicing NOT letting the contraction happen. Extremely difficult for me. Tried over and over. Eventually, I guess something kicked in and I could partially or completely not clench when I felt the clench starting.. (What is that clensh all about??? Is it some check in me that is afraid of losing control???)
    Anyway, so I prepped myself to not clench my PC, and I tried to total relax and the Orgasm started, but this time I just clenched a bit and then let off, and the feeling eased in and turned into a mild DO. Tried it again, but this time, the orgasm exploded, and I was rolling and shaking and bouncing a bit!, but it didn't last a long time.
    So, I figured maybe this morning would have better results than last night – big grin…
    So I had an hour long session of numerous single and several rolling DO's with the help of nipple stim and my new tool – rubbing the base of my penis. I'd practiced rubbing/pressing my penis base the night before, so maybe my brain was becoming tuned to it.
    So I eventually got tired of that, and thought I'd wind down a bit, but I remembered that you could move the orgasm up my spine, and the great feeling I got from that, so decided to try that.
    So started doing that with every subsequent DO, and had another 1+ hour of very intense DO's. I noticed thought that in addition to being more intense, the orgasms also felt deeper, "smoother", and satisfying – almost like I was getting what I came for out of them (no pun intended!, but pretty appropriate!) Also, I was sweating with these orgasms and lying there drenched in bed. Wasn't too bad and I think the sweat was actually acting like lube, so all in all added to the pleasure.
    Twice I had super deep ab crunches followed by intense thrusting, and felt myself shooting lube up my penis.
    After each orgasm "petered" out, and I thought maybe I was done so I went back to just finger touching my penis & peacefully enjoying it. But each time after a minute or two, it felt like there was another orgasm waiting, so I leaned into it and/or did some nip or penis stim, and it took off again.
    Most of these started with a rock hard penis and went right into in/out thrusting and hip rolling and really feeling the prostate pwaves. Occasionally I had a couple in a row nearly flaccid. By the last 3 or 4 orgasms, I had got to touching or gently rubbing the penis all over – glans, base, frenulum, shaft, etc., but not for long in any place but the base for fear that I would turtle up and ejaculate without realizing it. But I mostly stayed with the penis base.
    Also during this last set, once I felt a pwave travel along my spine just barely.
    So after I felt I'd had enough, I lay there soaked for a few min to start drying off, and Sat up to write some notes of what happened.
    One of the things that stuck out to me was that moving the orgasm up my spine (or trying to move it – I don't know that I really accomplished that!) SEEMED to intensify the orgasms, and gave me a "better" quality orgasm. They seem to be more of a whole body experience and the orgasms left me feeling satisfied.

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      10/16/2015at3:21 pm

      Wow Bro. What a time you had. I am thankful for what happened to you and thankful that even my suggestion to you was part of it.
      You seem to be on your way to heavenly bliss. Be sure to give God thanks for putting these type blissful feelings in the male body. I have seen guys say that this super O and dry business is spiritual, and for myself, even at my state or relative/comparitive poor accomplishment, even what I have experienced is spirit ual and makes me give praise and thanks to God.
      Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for even greater experiences and telling us underlings how to get there.

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