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    Hello Together

    At my last session I chose the Aneros Helix Trident. Unfortunately I only had 1.5 hours to myself, but it’s better than having no time at all.
    I took all the necessary precautions so that I could enjoy the Aneros to the full.
    First I used enough lubricant and then I inserted the Helix Trident. Then I tidied up everything I no longer needed and couldn’t wait to get into bed. The Helix Trident felt very pleasant and stimulated my prostate a lot already. I’ve never had such a good start. As usual, I lay on my back with my feet flat on my bed. I used to watch porn for this, but this time I didn’t need it to get going. I just did my breathing exercises (nice in the belly) and let myself go with the feelings I was experiencing, which I guess is really the key.
    After about 20 minutes or more, just like last time, my stomach muscles started to contract. The Aneros made itself independent again at this time and slid into me, out again and in again. The contractions again spread over my hips and they moved up and down rhythmically. Then it felt like the aneros is pushed outside of me as my body contracted more but i could feel that it is drawn deeper inside of my body and against my prostate. That felt very good. My prostate swelled and glowed (at least that’s how it feels to me) until a pleasant warmth spread throughout my body. Next, something strange happened that is difficult to describe. But it felt like I had a light orgasm that spread from my prostate to my urethra. It built up like a thin wire and I felt like I was ejaculating. But when I looked, I couldn’t find anything, which amazed me. Immediately afterwards, this wonderful feeling built up again. But now that I wanted to force it, it disappeared.
    After that, I had a few more violent contractions and breathtaking sensations. But the orgasm didn’t happen, which I didn’t find too bad because I had a lot of fun. I assume that I couldn’t relax enough because, as I said, I knew that I only had 1.5 hours.When I removed the Aneros my prostate glowed for about 30 more minutes and it felt like the Aneros was still stimulating me. Now I can’t wait to play with my Aneros again.

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      08/15/2022at1:13 am

      sounds good, I am starting with the progasm and feel similar sensations…

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