• Some sensations

    Some progress today, after a two hour session I sit here smiling with some good feelings still.
    This is going somewhere, and that somewhere is forward.
    Used the HypnAerosession-cd to get to relaxation,
    and after a while I added some porn to the tracks,
    since my mind has a tendency to drive off-track after a while it helps keep the focus.
    I did as the voice in the track told me to, speaking of conntractions and such, and sometimes I got good feelings spreading from my stomack outwards to my entire body.
    Nothing mindblowing and nothing on the edge of an O, but good still. Experimenting with contraction intervals and strength, I got to the point where I really wanted an O, but it just didn`t happen. Heart was pounding heavily, feelings where good, but I guess I tried too hard.
    Beeing new at this I still have much to learn, but I sure know that this is for real.
    Can`t wait for next session, dunno what`s gonna happen!

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