• Some reflections

    Just jotting down little ideas that pop into my head at random times during the day. Things that I might wish to look into more, or just observations being made. Postcards on the journey!

    Seat warmers
    I’ve got them in my car, and I’ve noticed since I started this journey, that when I use them, I get cool p-waves and flutters down there. I don’t use seat warmers very often or for very long usually, but now I’m getting some pleasant feelings. Not distracting me from driving, but just a general addition to my level of sexual feelings.

    Constant Arousal
    I’ve become much more aware of how high my level can get to, and that awareness of course, serves to heighten it more. It’s winter right now, so I’m wearing hoodies a lot, but sometimes I’ll crank the thermostat a little to shed some clothing. After my morning shower, I’ll usually walk around the house wearing just underwear and a t-shirt. The underwear is made of modal material and is very sleek and form fitting. It keeps the package out front more, which makes me aware. The shirt is usually a workout shirt featuring dry-wick material. It rubs against my nipples through the day.

    Never realized they served a purpose other than just being there. Now, I’m fully aware of them, and do a lot of contact through the day. Teasing, working just beyond them, licking my finger and wetting them, flicking them slow and then faster like a light switch. Even pinching, pulling and fastening something on them. The cheaper clothespins have weaker springs so they work just great. That’s an exquisite pain that I save for when I’m heading into a Super O and the sharp shot of painful energy goes straight to my sexual pleasure centres. Or even sometimes, just lightly working them will make the waves roll in, and my head starts to lower, and my breathing changes. I can’t say enough about this important piece of equipment!

    Watching Porn

    Ever since I was a wee young lad, I enjoyed the Eaton’s catalogue (the prairie boys playboy as it was called). Loved the lingerie section. Sears Wish Book always featured some extra sexy stuff and even Chatelaine had models wearing semi sheer bras. Fast forward to the internet and I was off to the races. Fap time whenever I could! But as time has passed, my taste in viewing has changed. I’ve moved on from the plastic fake boob fake orgasm bimbos to everyday looking women with maybe a couple of extra pounds, natural looking boobs, unscripted genuine sounding vocalizing and genuine orgasms. I’m becoming more concerned with the aural over the visual. In short, women who are attainable and love sex, not the silicone fakers who get paid for it.
    And since I started this journey, I’ve been looking less. When I’m in an Aneros session, it’s distracting, especially moving into and through a Super-O. Or when I’m letting the waves wash me away and I’m drifting off into the sea of bliss, I don’t need porn. I’m already in a place where I neither need or desire it. Instead of using a digital image or video to get me going, I use the much more powerful sex organ between my ears to fabricate a fantasy that becomes woven into the flesh and blood and spirit that I’m feeling.

    I’ve got more, but I’m going to put these out there for now. Have a look and tell me what you think, what you might agree or disagree with. Cheers, Dan


    • simplepenguin

      06/26/2020at2:27 pm

      I’m not crazy about porn. I think avoiding it is a good thing. Most wont agree but it works better for me not to have porn in my life.

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