• Some new firsts since last entry

    Some updates since my last post a long time ago.

    4/18 I reached my first nipple stimulation only orgasm.

    So I started my new job this week (starting on days for training) and knew I really shouldn’t have any over night sessions just to ensure I made it to work on time but I craved the sensations of having my prostate massaged.
    So what is a guy to do? I joined up with Miss MGX around 7 each night and released her embrace after my shower. I would do kegels multiple times, 6-10 rounds with each time doing 200+ clenches. Each time my lover gave me multiple orgasm that were slightly different than the ones we had when in bed but orgasms none the less. I still reached the points of my cock getting extremely hard and throbby with the occasional pulsing of my cock root similar to ejaculating while straining within my cock rings, my balls tingling, some new sensations of the seminal vesicles (vasdefference I think it is) tingling while rubbing/pressed against the cock ring when swelled , my head getting light and swirly, but not much in the way of full body tingling because I wasn’t able to fully relax and embrace all the sensations. While in the shower I would stroke ever so slowly raising the pleasure level even higher in an attempt to reach that coveted “dry” ejaculation level. Each time I do this I am starting to leak a little more precum but still not at the point of reaching a dry o.
    On Thursday I decided to skip a day as I knew I was going to have an over nighter on Friday. So I did my edging in the shower. So there I was, laying in bed horny as all get out since I have been on a SR trip for several weeks now, once in bed I rubbed the head of my cock right at the corona with my thumb and my finger resting at the frenulum point. I could feel the sensations starting to rise. Up to this point I was totally soft. I kept the stimulation constant and steady when my prostate suddenly started to throb and my cock began to engorge. the more I swelled the more my prostate throbbed. Once I was fully engorged and straining within the cock ring the pleasurable sensation broke, I spasmed about 10 times while keeping my pc muscles relaxed, my cock twitching between my finger and thumb. I was given my first full dry o. I laid still for several minutes as my cock slowly went down, but I wanted more. I rolled over onto my left side and got in position as if I was joined with one of my lovers, I took my right hand and started to flick my left nipple that was still stiff from the stimulation moments ago. The more I flicked the more the tingling increased. I reached a point where I could feel my prostate start to swell than my cock started to engorge again straining against the cock ring. Moments later my head started to swim, my balls started to tingle than my cock began throbbing, my body had just started to tingle. Without warning I could feel my cock twitching with the same sensations I just felt when I had my dry o but only lasted a brief moment before dissipating and all pleasurable sensations stopped.
    Wow is all I can say at this point.

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