• Some basic info and some sexy thoughts

    I’ve thought about starting a blog so many times. This incredible family of devices has taken up so much of my thought and effort in the past four years. There is so much to say.
    First, some basic info about me and my style of play.
    Late 30s. Northeast USA. Happily married. Heteroamorous but newly cock curious (you can read my forum posts to find out more about that).
    Routine =
    Coconut oil.
    Nest. Must create a restful, comfortable environment. Mostly clear mattress. Lots of pillow props and – this is really useful – a heating pad!
    Position. Lie on back. Legs out a bit, sometimes splayed. Like to put either left or right leg up on a pillow.
    Prelube and insertion. The smaller models are best for me. I own all, but mgx and ProJr have the best effects.
    Do nothing technique. Complete and utter relaxation is necessary. Any hint of contraction kills all sensation. It has to build naturally.
    Wait and Enjoy. Then just wait patiently for forty-five minutes and let the sensations build. The best part is that I let my mind go and I hallucinate the craziest things. Sometimes its images and sometimes even sensations or memories or smells.
    When it’s happening it’s like I fall into a realm of pure sex. Every fantasy I ever had or could have comes to life. Sometimes I experience it first hand and sometimes I can almost see myself in the midst of the action.
    Some thoughts from today. . .
    Falling asleep, something clicked for me. I realized what I found so exciting about viewing amateur lesbian porn. It is the *moment* that the girls lose control. They start nervous. They giggle and touch each other. They go through the mechanics of fondling each other and then even bringing each other off.
    But then somewhere it switches. At some point, they’re not playing anymore. One of the shy girls, in the midst of a mini-orgasm or more, suddenly moves in for a kiss. Inhibitions suddenly gone, they melt into each other.
    That is pure sex right there. It is at that point where the first girl passes beyond nervousness and into need. It is the point where she realizes that everything she’s ever wondered about, been afraid to try, is all right in front of her.
    She is going to kiss this girl. She needs to know what it’s like.
    And at that point the taboo against doing something as crazy as making love to a girl (for a girl) folds itself inside out and makes lesbianism the sexiest thing she could ever experience.
    And watching it, you know she’ll never be the same.
    And in my session, I thought. . . why can’t I have that?
    And I realized. . . I *do* have that.
    I start my sessions as my conscious self. But forty five minutes in I am all awash in p-waves and my mind is blank. And at that point I’m open to any experience at all.
    I think about an image. It’s a camera shot of myself that I watch. From the foot of the bed I can see only the soles of my feet, apart and in the air. One is turned in a few degrees. I can’t see much, but I image myself in the midst of mini-orgasms.
    The reason I can’t see myself on my back is that there’s someone on top of me. I see a cute, hairless butt. I can’t tell if it’s female or male, and what is more I don’t care.
    In a flash, I decide it is my wife. I moan and tell her I’m cumming. . . again. My third orgasm in the last ten minutes, and I know there’s more on the way. . .
    And then suddenly a different image.
    Back to first-person perspective. I’m in the bed, drugged out on my own hormones, and waiting for someone – anyone – to show up.
    I see the image of a man from the waist down, standing just to the right of me off the side the bed. He is half hard, with his cock sticking out at ninety degrees towards me. Both it and his well-defined sac are fully clean-shaven.
    All I can think about are his balls, and the seed they’re making. The only thing his machine was built for is release, and I know it is my responsibility to drain him.
    I sense a presence on my left. I don’t actually see it, but I hear the brown warmth of femininity. My wife (Latina) is shirtless with another girl and they are pawing at each other’s breasts. They’re kissing and breathing hard. Oh my God. She is such a lezzie slut.
    Still with panties on them both, the littler girl pushes my wife down and starts grinding on her. From behind, my wife gives her permission to me, softly, to proceed with my task of giving pleasure (“It’s okay, Honey”) and I know I am allowed to do whatever I want. She’s turned on. She always wanted me to do this
    I grab the man’s waist and bring him closer. I know if I kiss and nuzzle his balls that that will help him cum more. Without thinking, I feel my face drawing ever closer to his sac. My mouth needs to touch, taste, and feel it. . . Emotionally I am swimming in love hormones. I am so happy. . .
    Those are the two I remember. But the great thing about this is that there’s always something new.

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      03/15/2016at6:17 am

      thnx for sharing. evocative.

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